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Software for the Poqet PC and Poqet PC Plus

The following files are many of the software patches that fix some of the Poqet PC's shortcomings, utility programs for the Poqet PC and the Poqet PC Plus, and other software written by or recommended by other Poqet PC users. If you have software that is useful running on the Poqet PC or PC Plus and that can be freely distributed, let me know about it by sending me an e-mail message and I can add it to this list.

Items with a "Document" (-DOC- ) or "File" (-FILE- ) icon can be retrieved from this site. Other programs with a "Link" (-LINK- ) icon are maintained by their authors on their own sites. Many of the program descriptions are taken from "README" files, and are do not necessarily represent the opinion of the author of this Web site.

You will need a PKZip-compatible decompression program to unzip some of these files. If you don't already have it, PKZip can be downloaded the PKWare Site, and WinZip can be downloaded from the WinZip Home Page.

This software is being provided "AS-IS", without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. The author of this Web site assumes no responsibility for errors or for damages resulting from the use of the software contained herein.

In other words, "I didn't write it -- don't blame me if it breaks."


Poqet PC Software

Poqet PC Plus Software

Poqet PC Files

Software Patches

These utilities and patches are intended to fix problems with the Poqet PC and/or enhance the performance of the system.

VNA and PoqetLink

PoqetLink is the program that will allow you to transfer files between your desktop computer and your Poqet PC. VNA (stands for "Virtual Network Architecture" is a TSR that contains library routines used by PoqetLink.

-FILE- Virtual Network Architecture (VNA.EXE - 25 KB)
-FILE- PoqetLink File Transfer Utility (PQLINK.EXE - 33 KB)

2MB SRAM Card Format Utility

The format program in the Poqet PC "Classic" (Model PQ-0164) cannot format SRAM cards larger than 1 MB. The following format program corrects that situation.

-DOC- 2 MB Format Utility "Readme" file (2MFORMAT.TXT)
-FILE- 2 MB Format Utility (2MFORMAT.COM - 6 KB)

Poqet Mode Utility

The Poqet Mode Utility allows you to control the power management mode and video mode of your Poqet PC.

-DOC- Poqet Mode Utility "Readme" file (PQMODE.TXT)
-FILE- Poqet Mode Utility (PQMODE.COM - 1 KB)

PoqetTools Export Utilities

The PoqetTools Export Utilities will allow you to export your PoqetAddress and PoqetSchedule data to text files suitable for printing. The file EXPUTIL.EXE is a self-extracting archive containing all of the Export Utility files.

-DOC- PoqetTools Export Utilities "Readme" (EXPUTIL.TXT)
-FILE- PoqetTools Export Utilities (EXPUTIL.EXE - 34 KB)

Poqet Floppy Disk Format Utility

The format program built into drive C: of the Poqet PC is intended to format SRAM cards, and won't format disks in the Poqet Floppy Disk Drive. The program below can be used to format disks in the Poqet floppy drive.

-DOC- Poqet Floppy Disk Format "Readme" (FDDFORMT.TXT)
-FILE- Poqet Floppy Disk Format (FDDFORMT.COM - 7 KB)

Poqet System Clock Fix

There are some significant limitations in the system clock of the Poqet PC "Classic" (PQ-0164), mainly that the system date/time is lost when you press CTL-ALT-DEL, and that the system date is not accurately kept when you leave the Poqet suspended for two days in a row. The following drivers fix these limitations. You only need to download OS$KEYB.COM if you are using a non-US keyboard driver.

-DOC- Poqet Clock Fix "Readme" file (CLOCKFIX.TXT)
-FILE- Poqet Clock Fix Driver (OS$CLK2.SYS - 2 KB)
-FILE- Clock Fix Foreign Keyboard Driver (OS$KEYB.COM - 1 KB)

PoqetAddress Fix

There is a bug in PoqetAddress on the Poqet PC "Prime" (Model PQ-0181) that can make it appear that you have lost all your address data. In reality, the data is fine, but the PoqetAddress cannot read the data. The program below corrects the problem.

-DOC- PoqetAddress Fix "Readme" (PQTL2.TXT)
-FILE- PoqetAddress Fix (PQTL2.COM - 1 KB)

WordPerfect Cursor Fix

With certain versions of the Poqet PC BIOS, the cursor will disappear while running WordPerfect 5.1 The following files fix this problem.

-DOC- WordPerfect Cursor Fix "Readme" (WPLOAD.TXT)
-FILE- WordPerfect Cursor Fix TSR (WPLOAD.COM - 1 KB)
-FILE- Batch file for WP Cursor Fix (WP.BAT - 1 KB)

Interactive Sales Demonstration

This demonstration program was developed as a sales tool for retail stores. An interesting bit of history. Extract the files in the following archive to an SRAM card and then run the file DEMO.BAT.

-FILE- Interactive Sales Demo (PQDEMO.ZIP - 54 KB)

User-Recommended Utilities

These software packages have been written and/or recommended by other Poqet PC users.

Driver for Iomega's parallel-port Zip drive

This driver allows you to access an Iomega Zip drive connected to the Poqet PC's parallel port.

-LINK- Zip Driver Home Page

Bob Withers' "Poqet Appointment Cleanup Utility"

This utility can be used to process the appointment file used by PoqetSchedule and remove expired entries. Command line switches allow the expiration period to be specified (default 7 days) and if 'done' todo items should be removed. The file BWAPPT.EXE is a self-extracting archive containing C source code and the actual Cleanup Utility executable.

-DOC- Cleanup Utility "Readme" (BWAPPT.TXT)
-FILE- Cleanup Utility Archive (BWAPPT.EXE - 23 KB)

Version 2 of Bob Withers' "Appointment Cleanup Utility"

This version adds a feature to display the next 15 appointments each time it is run. Some users found themselves constantly running PoqetSchedule and moving around to different days to see what was coming up. Now they can just run appt.exe from the command prompt and get a snapshot. Some people do this several times per day and as a result they automatically keep the appointment file cleaned up. The file BWAPPT2.EXE is a self-extracting archive containing C source code as well as the DOS-executable file.

-FILE- Cleanup Utility Archive (BWAPPT2.EXE - 39 KB)

Bob Withers' Schedule Printing Utility

This small utility can be used to read and print the file used by PoqetAddress -- PHONE.ABD. The source code is useful for understanding the PoqetAddress file format.

-DOC- Schedule Printing Utility (SCHED.C)

Zip File Transfer Utility

ZIP is a tiny, fast utility to transfer files between two IBM compatible computers; it requires no expensive additional hardware, just a simple "null modem" serial cable. It can be used from the DOS command line or a batch file, or run from an interactive menu. It transfers files as simply as using the COPY command, and has options that make it easy to reconcile directories on both computers. Ideal for laptop or palmtop computers, it takes just 14k of disk space, and consumes no memory when not in use.

-FILE- Zip File Transfer Utility (ZIP221.ZIP - 50 KB)

VDE Text Editor

VDE is a small, fast text editor for IBM PC compatibles, but VDE is also a powerful word processor, many of the advanced features found on larger, more expensive word processors.

-FILE- VDE Text Editor (VDE193D.ZIP - 175 KB)

Net-Tamer PPP Internet Package

Net-Tamer is a DOS PPP dial up access program, which requires no TSR packet driver. It will web browse, get/send your e-mail, get/send Usenet messages, FTP upload/download a file, TELNET to another Internet address, or check the time and date. It is a both robot and a navigator. It will get e-mail and Usenet groups, then log off so you can use the included offline reader, or you can choose to stay on and look around. It will also do a download/ upload of mail or Usenet on a timer.

-LINK- Net-Tamer Home Page

VR Text Display Utility

VR stands for 'vertical reader' and will add another use to your palmtop: reading 'electronic texts'. VR allows you to hold your palmtop like you would hold a book: upright, in one hand. Text is much easier to read this way - the distances the eye has to travel are reduced. VR further increases readability through the use of proportional fonts and on-the-fly word wrapping.

-FILE- VR text display utility (VR105.ZIP - 78 KB)

Z Graphic File Display Utility

Z.EXE is the world's simplest utility to display PCX and GIF files!

-FILE- Z Graphic File Display Utility(Z.EXE - 21 KB)

Poqet-Friendly Games Recommended by Other Poqet Users


EdChess (tm) is a computer program for the IBM-PC and close compatibles which plays the game of chess. The program was written by David Hendricks and John T. Bell over a period of three years.

-FILE- EdChess Chess Game (EDCHESS.ZIP - 62 KB)

Poqet PC Plus Files

System Utilities

The following are general system utilities that add features to the Poqet PC Plus. All of these drivers were part of release 3.062 of the Poqet Plus Series BIOS and System Software. These drivers may not work correctly with previous versions of the BIOS. The BIOS Version 3.062 Update Package is available here.

Poqet Flash Utility

The Poqet Flash Utility (FLASHUTY) can be used to read, write, and erase the Flash ROM which holds the Plus Series BIOS as well as the contents of drive D:. The Flash Utility can also be used to convert DOS file structures into image files that can be programmed onto the Flash disk (drive D:) inside the Plus Series products.

Additional documentation for the Flash Utility can be found in the Plus Series Utilities User's Guide in the Documentation section of the Web site.

-DOC- Poqet Flash Utility "Readme" file (FLASHUTY.TXT)
-FILE- Poqet Flash Utility (FLASHUTY.EXE - 11 KB)


PenConnect is a program that can be used to transfer files over a null-modem cable. The PenConnect Server (PCS.EXE) runs on one system and the PenConnect Client (PC.EXE) runs on the other.

Unfortunately, additional documentation on PenConnect is not available. If someone can document these programs, it would be greatly appreciated.

-FILE- PenConnect (PC.EXE - 36 KB)
-FILE- PenConnect Server (PCS.EXE - 50 KB)

Poqet Expanded Memory Manager

The Poqet Plus Expanded Memory Manager (PQEMM) provides expanded memory support compatible with the Lotus/Intel/Microsoft (LIM) 4.0 Expanded Memory Specification, with some limitations. PQEMM is loaded as a device driver in CONFIG.SYS.

Additional documentation for the Expanded Memory Manager can be found in the Plus Series Utilities User's Guide in the Documentation section of the Web site.

-DOC- Poqet Expanded Memory Manager "Readme" file (PQEMM.TXT)
-FILE- Poqet Expanded Memory Manager (PQEMM.SYS - 9 KB)

Poqet Format Utility

The Poqet Format Utility can be used to format RAM cards.

-FILE- Poqet Format Utility (PQFORMAT.COM - 6 KB)

Poqet RAM Disk Driver

The Poqet RAM Disk Driver (RAMDISK) allocates extended memory and creates a DOS "disk drive" that can be accessed as drive E:. RAMDISK is loaded as a device driver in CONFIG.SYS.

Additional documentation for the RAM Disk Driver be found in the Plus Series Utilities User's Guide in the Documentation section of the Web site.

-DOC- Poqet RAM Disk Driver "Readme" file (PQEMM.TXT)
-FILE- Poqet RAM Disk Driver (RAMDISK.SYS - 3 KB)

PCMCIA Drivers

Four drivers, PQSS, PQCCU, PQCARD, and PQMCP make up the PCMCIA driver set for the Poqet PC Plus. Descriptions of these drivers can be found below. Installation instructions for the AT&T Paradyne KeepInTouch Modem and the SunDisk (or SanDisk) Flash Card can be found in the Documentation section of the Web site.

Poqet Socket Services

Poqet Socket Services (PQSS) provides a low-level driver interface to the PCMCIA hardware in the Poqet PC Plus. It is the first driver loaded in any PCMCIA implementation.

-FILE- Poqet Socket Services (PQSS.EXE - 6 KB)

Poqet Card Configuration Utility

The Poqet Card Configuration Utility (PQCCU) configures the system when a card is inserted. It is the second driver loaded in a PCMCIA implementation on the Poqet PC Plus.

-FILE- Poqet Card Configuration Utility (PQCCU.EXE - 6 KB)

Poqet Card Configuration Utility Patched for Modern Flash Cards

Tristan Henderson (tristan [at] pointystick [dot] com) has patched the original PQCCU driver to allow access to modern Flash cards. According to Tristan:
This version should allow compact flash cards to work without breaking any existing card drivers.

It works with Sandisk and (hopefully) many other brands of compact flash (I have tested two other brands and had success).

I can't say if any particular card will work with the modified driver but from my testing so far the chances are good. I have tested five cards so far (2x Sandisk, 1x Kodak, 1x HP and one unbranded card) ranging in size from 4MB to 2GB and all have worked so far. Some of those were older, low speed cards while the 2GB card was a Sandisk Ultra II. If it doesn't work at first, you may need to format the card in the Poqet (using the FORMAT command not PQFORMAT).

-FILE- Poqet Card Configuration Utility Patched for Modern Flash Cards (PQCCU-FINAL.zip - 3 KB)

Poqet Flash Card Driver

The Poqet Flash Card Driver (PQCARD) controls Flash cards like the SanDisk (SunDisk) Flash card. It's only needed if a Flash card is being used in the system.

-FILE- Poqet Flash Card Driver (PQCARD.EXE - 7 KB)

Poqet Modem Control Program

The Poqet Modem Control Program is used with modem cards. Unfortunately, no documentation is available for this program. If anybody has any documentation on this driver, please feel free to send it to me.

-FILE- Poqet Modem Control Program (PQMCP.EXE - 12 KB)

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