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Help on Searching

The text that you enter into the "Search For:" text box is actually a Unix "regular expression," like the argument used in the "grep" command. If you understand Unix "regular expressions," then that's all you need to know.

If you aren't versed in Unix regular expressions, then here's some information that should help.

To search for a particular word or phrase, just enter the text itself. For example, to search for the phrase "Poqet Computer", just enter "Poqet Computer" (without the quotes) in the text box.

To search for two words or phrases together on the same line, seperate the two words with the characters ".*". For example to search lines that contain the phrase "Poqet Computer" followed by "Fujitsu", enter "Poqet Computer.*Fujitsu" in the text box.

To search for more than one word at a time, seperate the words with a "vertical bar" ("|"). For example to search for lines that contain the word "Poqet" or the word "Fujtisu," enter "Poqet|Fujitsu" in the text box.

The Gory Details

Here is a more detailed description of unix regular expressions, as explained in Programming Perl by Larry Wall and Randall L. Schwartz. To be specific, the patterns used in the pattern matching are regular expressions similar to those used by the Unix "egrep" program. They work like this: Legal atoms are:
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