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Volume 004, Number 113, 14 Jul 2000

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  1. floppy disk for classic by David Wolf <dave.wolf@xxxxxxxx>

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floppy disk for classic by David Wolf <dave.wolf@xxxxxxxx>

From: "David Wolf" <dave.wolf@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: floppy disk for classic
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 21:54:34 -0700
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Hi-- I have a Poquet Classic (replaced my old one last year thru CA Digital)
But my old Poquete floppy disk no longer works.  Question: anyone know where
I can get another? Or maybe better than that, if I order a Poquet cable of
some kind, can I connect my Pacrim floppy (works with Omnibook) to the
Poquet?  (The Pacific Rim floppy disk drive connects to my HP Omnibook via a
standard 25-pin cable.)  Thanks.  Dave Wolf    dave.wolf@xxxxxxxx

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