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  1. Re: For sale by C. Lamar Derk <n3at@xxxxxxxx>

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Re: For sale by C. Lamar Derk <n3at@xxxxxxxx>

From: "C. Lamar Derk" <n3at@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: For sale
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 21:14:16 -0400
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hi;  sounds great, i assume everything is working. give your 
address and i will send you a money order for $80 and you can 
ship it free using my UPS account. you can also leave a 
voicemail at 212-894-3704 x 3503   thanx  mike fink

DOMINO CUBES; A nice, small computer company, trying
to please our customers.  249 West 34th St. 5th fl.
NEW YORK CITY 10001, 212-695-1811 OR 877-Z88-YEAH
WEB PAGE WWW.dominocubes.qpg.com   

domino-cubes@xxxxxxxx - email  (attachments  ok)
212) 894-3704 x3503 - VOICEMAIL/FAX !!!

mikefink@xxxxxxxx   E-mail (attachments  ok)
mikefink@xxxxxxxx (no GIF)

FREE voicemail, email, and fax...all in one place.
Sign Up Now! http://www.onebox.com

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