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  1. SRAM cards questions by steven pirie-shepherd <pixie@xxxxxxxx>

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SRAM cards questions by steven pirie-shepherd <pixie@xxxxxxxx>

From: steven pirie-shepherd <pixie@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: SRAM cards questions
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 11:30:35 -0400
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I have a poqet PC and a coupl,e of SRAm cards (dual battery type, 1Mb).
Recently I acquired an HP omnigo 100 which came with a 2Mb SRAM card
(ACE technologies). This card is read by the poqet no problem, but
oddly, I can find no battery cover. The card retains data (I took it out
of the omnigo and let it sit for 24 hr before reading it in the poqet).
Obviosuly, this is a good sized card (2Mb), and i would like to use it
with the poqet, and simply swap an old 1Mb card into the omnigo. My
question is , where is my ACE card drawing power from, is it in fact a
Flash Eprom type of card? I am confused here, as I work with Flash
Eprom, Eprom, and SRAM media. I remember that psion had some RAm cards
from waaay back that had the power cell permanently soldered into the
unit, did ACE do this as well? Will the card eventually die, and only
work when in the poqet, drawing power from the two AA cells?
 Any help is appreciated here.

Plus which, is it possible to get an installation of early geoworks to
run on the poqet, then i could swap info with both my casio zoomer, my
omnigo and my poqet.


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