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  1. RE: FS: Two Poqet Classics by Feldman, Robert <Robert_Feldman@xxxxxxxx>

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RE: FS: Two Poqet Classics by Feldman, Robert <Robert_Feldman@xxxxxxxx>

From: "Feldman, Robert" <Robert_Feldman@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: FS: Two Poqet Classics
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 07:45:48 -0700
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For those looking for DOS programs for your Poqet, try Simtel.net. the URL
for the spreadsheet section is:

Another useful site is AbandonApps, http://abandonapps.cjb.net/

Simtel has shareware and Public domain programs. AbandonApps has old
commercial pograms that are no longer available. If you go to AbandonApps,
you can get onto the AbandonWare web ring from there. Most of the programs
on the ring are games, but a number of sites also have regular programs,
utilities, and obsolete operating systems.

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From: Bettaglass@xxxxxxxx [mailto:Bettaglass@aol.com]
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 2:07 AM
To: poqetpc@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: FS: Two Poqet Classics

Thanks a lot for the reply about the Poqet. I have three brand new ones, got

them at 25.00. My problem is that I dont have any soft ware for them. And I

cannot find any. What I am looking for is  a address book or a spreed sheet.

Can you help at all. Or gwbasic.exe. Then I can write up a program for it.


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