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Volume 004, Number 059, 6 Feb 2000

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  1. Poqet / TRlog by Paul Erickson <paule@xxxxxxxx>
  2. new member Poqet Pc Plus Serial Adapter by steve holloway <wsholloway@xxxxxxxx>
  3. XPORT21 by pennywise@xxxxxxxx

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Poqet / TRlog by Paul Erickson <paule@xxxxxxxx>

From: Paul Erickson <paule@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Poqet / TRlog
Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2000 07:09:54 -0800
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Well, another piece of software to add to the compatibility
list... I am running an 8088 version of TRlog 6.10 and it works
fine. I was having trouble with the repeat/function key mode,
but disabled the power save features, and it works great.

Too bad the poqet's parallel port does not have the lines
necessary to be able to key two rigs at once, but other than
that, this will handle my portable logging needs just fine.
cheers, Paul - VA7NT (ex VE7CQK) - email: paule@xxxxxxxx

new member Poqet Pc Plus Serial Adapter by steve holloway <wsholloway@xxxxxxxx>

From: "steve  holloway" <wsholloway@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: new member Poqet Pc Plus Serial Adapter
Date: Sat,  5 Feb 2000 07:20:22 -0800
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Hello to everyone,
I am the proud owner of a Poqet PC Plus From Disk n Data
Jerry was sold out of the serial adapters So I need help fabricating
one so I can attack my null modem cable to the Poqet.  Thanks
in advance for all the help I know you guys will be in helping
me understand this machine and getting it to work for me.

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XPORT21 by pennywise@xxxxxxxx

From: pennywise@xxxxxxxx
Subject: XPORT21
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2000 06:35:01 -0000
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In-Reply-To: <200002050210.SAA14478@xxxxxxxx>

I am having problems running "Xport21".
It can't find vam connection.
Can anyone run the procedure by me from opening Poqet to 
gaining access to the pc.
Tony (UK)

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