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  1. Re: Poqet plus serial connector - question by Jacob Gauthier <jake@xxxxxxxx>

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Re: Poqet plus serial connector - question by Jacob Gauthier <jake@xxxxxxxx>

From: "Jacob Gauthier" <jake@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Poqet plus serial connector - question
Date: 24 Jan 2000 18:38:23 -0800
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The one they sell comes with the adapter built in. I just got mine and I
use interlnk/intersvr via the included adpater without a hitch. I used
zipdup to transer interlnk initially to the poqet.

At 09:55 AM 1/24/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Ok, I'm confused... I was under the impression that the poqet plus
>used a non standard connector... I just got the following message
>from California Digital:
>"There is no adapter for the PC+, it uses a straight 9" pin IBM serial
>Should be available at local computer/electronic store for about $15."
>What is the real story here??? Does anyone have a plus who can 
>check this out for me???
>cheers, Paul - VA7NT (ex VE7CQK) - email: paule@xxxxxxxx

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