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Volume 004, Number 045, 20 Jan 2000

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  1. Re: Plus info by Houston Blevins <houstonblevins@xxxxxxxx>
  2. Problems with serial communication in one direction by krisbee@xxxxxxxx (Kris B.)

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Re: Plus info by Houston Blevins <houstonblevins@xxxxxxxx>

From: "Houston Blevins" <houstonblevins@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Plus info
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 19:30:21 -0600
References: <200001192310.PAA19125@xxxxxxxx>

Good info on the Poqet Plus at this url.

Problems with serial communication in one direction by krisbee@xxxxxxxx (Kris B.)

From: krisbee@xxxxxxxx (Kris B.)
Subject: Problems with serial communication in one direction
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 13:20:00 EST -0500

Hi all.. brand new to the list, and just received my poqet pc prime 
yesterday..  Interesting problem.. I can connect with the serial 
adapter and a null modem cable to my windows machine using 

I can receive on the windows machine files using pqtalk.. no problems.  
Sometimes I can send to the poqet pc, always text, but using xmodem or 
xmodem 1k it will cause lots of errors and the like.. 

I have tried all different speeds, and it seems that 9600 seems to be 
the best in reducing errors.  I have tried changing the power managment 
modes, no help.  I have changed parameters such as data bits and stop 
bits, to no avail.  Reducing the speed seems to make things worse.

When I send text files straight through, there are errors quite often, 
unless I send it at 4800 or 2400 baud.   

I am using hyperterminal on the windows machine, and I have tried using 
pqlink and it doesn't work.  Neither does intersrv, interlnk (though I 
was able to transfer intersrv to the machine).

It also seems that turning of handshaking on the windows machine helps, 
but hurts when I turn it off on the poqet pc.

Any suggestions?  Any would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,



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