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  1. flashuty use by Jacob Gauthier <jake@xxxxxxxx>

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flashuty use by Jacob Gauthier <jake@xxxxxxxx>

From: "Jacob Gauthier" <jake@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: flashuty use
Date: 22 Dec 1999 18:10:11 -0800
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In-Reply-To: <199912202027.MAA13472@xxxxxxxx>

I just bought a poqet PC plus from CA digital. I want to use flashuty to
change the configuration and files listed on c and d but I'm affraid of
hosing the flash and not being abled to boot any longer. Anyone have docs?
Know how to backup the flash ROM so I can restore it if I do any damage?
How do the drives get assigned by whats in the flash? Will flashing the
wrong addresses hurt the BIOS? Thanks for any and all help!

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