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  1. Newby by T. Cribbs <farris614@xxxxxxxx>

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Newby by T. Cribbs <farris614@xxxxxxxx>

From: "T. Cribbs" <farris614@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Newby
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 1999 18:24:54 GMT
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Hi All:

I'm a new subscriber to poqetpc list.  I haven't actually purchased a Poqet 
as of yet.  I'm looking for more information on the poqet i.e. which model 
to buy, what software runs on the P-PC, can I run quicken or some other 
third party s/w and other questions.

I am a HP LX200 user and have been for a number of years (on my third unit 
at present).  I love my HP but some things about the Poqet are very 
appealing i.e. larger keyboard, faster speed and much more reasonable in 
price.  Some concerns are: 1. the loss of a great interactive 
database>appointment/todo list>quicken and lotus 123.  I'm hoping the poqet 
can run these or other like programs that I can more to and from with a 
simple push of a key.

I'm sure I'll be asking a lot of redundant questions of the list in my 
effort to find out more about the PoqetPC, however I'll be out of town for 
three weeks starting Wed. night, so if I don't answer any post's for a 
while, I will as soon as I return (also a concern: internet performance).


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