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Volume 004, Number 012, 18 Sep 1999

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  1. black line by Camnitzer1@xxxxxxxx

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black line by Camnitzer1@xxxxxxxx

From: Camnitzer1@xxxxxxxx
Subject: black line
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 12:36:30 EDT
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Went to FAQ and followed instructions, but the whole thing seems so bonded 
that there is no way to separate the key board from the motherboard. There 
seems to be a rubber sheet in between, but it seems that any force applied 
would break the damned thing, not that it would make a hell of a difference 
at this point. I also used compressed air on the reset button from top and 
into the little crack I pried open, to no avail.  I usually fix things with a 
hammer and velcro and am quite successful, but it doesn't seem to apply here. 
 Thanks anyway. Regards. Luis

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