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  1. black line by Camnitzer1@xxxxxxxx

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black line by Camnitzer1@xxxxxxxx

From: Camnitzer1@xxxxxxxx
Subject: black line
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 19:48:16 EDT
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Thank you Brian. I went back to the machine, put batteries back and the 
stupid thing booted correctly after I pressed twice to check if the black 
line stayed or not. So, I couldn't find out if it is dirty under the reset 
button or the display cable. After writing my previous letter I remembered 
that this had happened once before for a short time.  Anyway, how would one 
clean the reset button? (I already know how to use it as a doorstop).   
Although I don't think it is the reset button because when I pressed it 
before today, the line would change places on the screen.  Thanks. Luis

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