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Volume 003, Number 095, 26 Jul 1999

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  1. Howdy... by JDupree162@xxxxxxxx

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Howdy... by JDupree162@xxxxxxxx

From: JDupree162@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Howdy...
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 12:37:37 EDT
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Just thought I'd introduce myself to the group... I'm Jim, I live in 
Baltimore, Maryland, and I LOVE my PoqetPC "Classic!". Most of the time,  
it's used as my super-portable phone/address book, and other times I use it 
to play a few games: Chess & UNO are my favorites!

Was the second-generation PoqetPC called the "Prime?", and if so what are the 
differences or improvements over the "Classic?" Maybe someone can point me in 
the direction where I can find one at a good price...

- Jim

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