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Volume 003, Number 090, 24 Jun 1999

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  1. re: question regarding poqet plus by Paul Fox <pgf@xxxxxxxx>
  2. WP6.0/DOS on a Poqet? by T.C.Martindale <tcmartindale@xxxxxxxx>

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re: question regarding poqet plus by Paul Fox <pgf@xxxxxxxx>

From: Paul Fox <pgf@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: re: question regarding poqet plus
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 22:34:20 -0400
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In-Reply-To: poqetpc-errors's message of Sat, 12 Jun 1999 17:10:28 -0700.

bryan --

thanks for your answers (a week or two ago) about the poqet plus.
a couple more:

you wrote:
 > ....  You can use both
 > linear and SanDisk flash cards in the PC Plus.  ...

is this still read-only access to those cards?  i would assume so,
except that the FAQ says:  "The PC Plus also uses Release 2.0, Type II
PCMCIA slots, 2 MB of memory (640 KB conventional + 768 extended/RAM
disk), and a flash-programmable disk drive."  i just want to verify
whether the "flash-programmable" part is internal or external.  (in
addition, the CA Digital marketing text says "Internal drive "D"
stores 1-MB of flash ROM; 128KB for BIOS and the remainder of the ROM
is available for user application programs."  again, is it writable
by the poqet itself?)

and this brings me to one more question -- if i have data in
the main memory's ram disk, and the 2 to 8 hour battery power gives
out, i guess i lose my ram disk?  this would be a bad thing, with
such short (compared to 100 hours for the other models) battery life.

still thinking about it....

  paul fox, pgf@xxxxxxxx (arlington, ma, where it's 68.7 degrees)

WP6.0/DOS on a Poqet? by T.C.Martindale <tcmartindale@xxxxxxxx>

From: "T.C.Martindale" <tcmartindale@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: WP6.0/DOS on a Poqet?
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 05:58:45 PDT
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Has anyone ever gotten WordPerfect 6.0 for DOS to run on a Poqet?  I would 
really like to use those scaleable on-screen fonts (would be a lot easier to 
read than WP5.1) but
  a) one of the WP6.0 manuals said it needs 286 or higher? and
  b) I can't find a file list for a bare-bones installation
On the plus side, it's supposed to run under 520K, though I assume I'd have 
to disconnect any memory-resident programs first...

I'll probably just go through my WP6.0 directory and winnow down the files 
till I hit the smallest configuration, but that'll take some time.  If 
anyone's already done that or has a book with that information, please pass 
it along.  Thanks.


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