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  1. PC Plus Battery Packs by Al Wong <awong@xxxxxxxx>
  2. Re: classic using pcmcia storage by David Wolf <dave.wolf@xxxxxxxx>

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PC Plus Battery Packs by Al Wong <awong@xxxxxxxx>

From: Al Wong <awong@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: PC Plus Battery Packs
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 18:57:26 -0700 (PDT)
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I only get about 1.5 hours at MOST on my battery packs.
I want to get them refurbished to see if the new NiCads
will last longer. Does anyone know of a place that
refurbishes these packs??

Re: classic using pcmcia storage by David Wolf <dave.wolf@xxxxxxxx>

From: "David Wolf" <dave.wolf@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: classic using pcmcia storage
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 22:06:32 -0700
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Brian--thanks for the tip.  I was able to follow instructions and got the
Amity (Win95) to read the old SRAM card just as you indicated.  But now
something else came along to bother me a bit.  Maybe you (or others on the
list) know the fix.  After I tried out the SRAM card and found it worked,
when I put the other PC card back in, the dumb computer renamed the slot
Drive F: (when I put the SRAM card in, it renamed the slot Drive E:, and
before that, when the slot had the old card, it was called Drive D:)  There
seems to be some kind of dumb automatic adding of letters every time I
switch cards in that slot.  This wouldn't bother me, except that when I use
one of my shortcut icons to boot up my word processor from the PC card, the
computer doesn't recognize it, because the shortcut is from Drive D:, not
the current name, which is Drive F:  (At least, that's the name as of today,
as long as I don't go changing cards in that slot.)  Do you know a way to
turn off Bill Gates's Mad Alphabetizer?  Again, thanks!
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From: Bryan Mason <bmason@xxxxxxxx>
To: poqetpc@xxxxxxxx <poqetpc@lists.best.com>
Date: Monday, May 24, 1999 4:38 PM
Subject: Re: classic using pcmcia storage

>Hi David,
>What operating system are you running on the Amity?  If it's Windows 95 or
>Windows 98, you need to load two drivers in AUTOEXEC.BAT.  The details are
>the Poqet PC FAQ and in Windows 95/98 help -- if you search for "SRAM" I
>believe you will find them.
>-- Bryan
>At 03:26 PM 5/21/99, David Wolf wrote:
>> Hi, I just replaced my ancient Poqet classic with a new one!!  I didn't
>> the Plus because I want to be able to power the things with standard AA
>> batteries, since I'll be traveling in Europe with it.  Here's my
question.  I
>> have an old 512K card I use for storing data.  My olf floppy disk drive
>> longer works.  So in order to transfer data from the Poqet to my other
>> computer, the Amity CN, I have to slide the flashcard into my
>> not-quite-so-old HP Omnibook, get the file, move it to a floppy disk, and
>> then transfer it to the Amity.  It would be nice if the Amity would read
>> 512K card directly, but it doesn't.  It RECOGNIZES it, and even
>> it, but doesn't "find" it or its data.  I guess I'm missing the driver,
>> which, if I installed it on the Amity, would make things work.  Can
>> suggest a source for the driver?  The PCMCIA card is one of those made
>> originally FOR Poqet, and the only ID on it is "Made in Japan" and the
>> 51-0004-00, and again, is called a 512K RAM card.

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