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  1. large sram cards and linear flash cards by <eekman@xxxxxxxx>

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large sram cards and linear flash cards by <eekman@xxxxxxxx>

From: <eekman@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: large sram cards and linear flash cards
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 16:46:25 -0400

I have a poqet prime with a pair of 2mb sram cards.  I have been looking 
through the faq and it mentions that it is possible to use sram cards of 4 or 
even 8mb with the poqet, as well as linear flash cards that can be programmed 
on another computer for use with the poqet.  I was wondering if anyone is 
using either 4 or 8mb sram cards?  If so, where can one get them?  Are there 
any problems associated with them?  Similarly, is anyone using linear flash 
cards with the poqet?  Does the 8mb limit apply to these cards as well?  Do 
applications run on them?  And does anyone know where I can get a good price 
on them?  Thanks.

Erik Ekman

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