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Volume 003, Number 081, 5 Jun 1999

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  1. Shimmering Display by Michael Luth <mluth@xxxxxxxx>
  2. pcmcia modem by Geoff Sullivan <sunfish@xxxxxxxx>

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Shimmering Display by Michael Luth <mluth@xxxxxxxx>

From: "Michael Luth" <mluth@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Shimmering Display
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 13:57:04 -0600
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References: <199905241637.JAA27611@xxxxxxxx>

I'm having some strange behavior from the display of the used Poqet Original
that I just bought(used).  I read the FAQ about the symptoms and they don't
seem to match what is happening to my screen.  The characters are bright and
clear but the screen always seems to be going through this shimmering
rewrite, even when there is no keyboard input.  I'm wondering if this is
just the first signs of my screen going bad or could it be something else?
I have played with the contrast controls and the lighter the screen
contrast, the less shimmering there is, but it is still there.  Is anyone
familiar with this problem?


pcmcia modem by Geoff Sullivan <sunfish@xxxxxxxx>

From: Geoff Sullivan <sunfish@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: pcmcia modem
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 1999 20:16:11 -0700
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I have been trying to get my Megahertz XJ2144 PCMCIA card modem to work
in the A slot of my Poqet PC Plus and so far it hasn't worked.  My PC
Plus has BIOS version 3.04 and PQSETUP version 3.01.  Contained in the
CONFIG.SYS I use are all the necessary PQ system files from drive D:
plus the following line:

device=d:\pqccu.exe /c1  ;rem to use com1

The terminal software I have tried using is ProComm V2.0.  Here's what I
have learned so far:

1) The Plus will not do a hard reset with the modem inserted in the
slot.  All I get is a blinking cursor at the top of the screen.

2) The Plus will do a CTL-ALT-DEL reset with the modem inserted.

3) If I issue the suggested command, PQSETUP /R=DD, ProComm will not
initialize.  The Plus hangs on the ProComm splash screen.

4) If I do not set up any I/O preferences with PQSETUP ProComm will
initialize normally.

5) Once ProComm is initialized, any attempt to send a command to the
modem hangs the keyboard.  Only a CTL-ALT-DEL will give me control

To get to the lowest common denominator ProComm is configured for Com1,
the port address and IRQ are standard, and baud rate is set at 9600.

If anyone has been able to get a PCMCIA modem to work in their Plus I'd
love to know what modem, settings, BIOS version, PQSETUP version, and
terminal software they are using.


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