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  1. Re: Intro and Where Can I Get a Serial Adaptor For PC Plus by Archivis, Lord of Archivon <archivis@xxxxxxxx>

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Re: Intro and Where Can I Get a Serial Adaptor For PC Plus by Archivis, Lord of Archivon <archivis@xxxxxxxx>

From: "Archivis, Lord of Archivon" <archivis@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Intro and Where Can I Get a Serial Adaptor For PC Plus
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 00:25:08 -0500
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Well I'm quite pleased with my Poqet PC Plus now that I've gotten 
some software on it at last.  However, the cobbled-togather RS232-
DS-9 adapter allenwrenched onto the back of my poqet is most 
unwelcome and if i could find a better adapter for it i'd be thrilled.  

> Hi Everyone,
> Just joined the mailing list! I am a proud new owner
> of a PC Plus bought from CA Digital last week.
> I was looking for a handheld PC because I will be
> traveling a lot this summer and needed something
> to type with. I wasn't too enamored by Win CE.
> During my research on the web, I discovered there
> were DOS-based handhelds available and eventually
> came across Bryan Mason's Poqet website.
> I have read through the FAQ, the tech manual and
> searched through the mailing list archives.
> The reasons I bought the PC Plus.
> The PC Plus is relatively inexpensive
> compared to the newer Win CE machines.
> It is small and light, comparable to the Win CE machines
> with a keyboard. It is DOS based and I have tons
> of DOS programs. :)
> The only problem I have is finding the serial adaptor
> for the RS-232C port. The connector on the back of the PC Plus
> is non-standard. Bryan's website does not mention this at all.
> Can anyone tell me where I can obtain this adaptor???
> This is one piece of hardware that would make my PC Plus
> really useful.
> Right now, I'm using the Poqet to write text files but
> eventually plan to access email and fax with it once I
> get the proper adaptor. In fact, I'm writing a review
> of my experience with the PC Plus (typing it on the PC Plus
> of course :) ) for these last few days. Coming soon.
>  Al

A whole mess of stuff.  Music, games, and a lovely
circa-1980 text interface. Sorta. ICQ: 3680132

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