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Volume 003, Number 068, 21 Apr 1999

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  1. Intro and Where Can I Get a Serial Adaptor For PC Plus by Al Wong <awong@xxxxxxxx>
  2. Re: Classic vs. Plus; comm program by David Wolf <dave.wolf@xxxxxxxx>

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Intro and Where Can I Get a Serial Adaptor For PC Plus by Al Wong <awong@xxxxxxxx>

From: Al Wong <awong@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Intro and Where Can I Get a Serial Adaptor For PC Plus
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 23:36:37 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Everyone,

Just joined the mailing list! I am a proud new owner
of a PC Plus bought from CA Digital last week.

I was looking for a handheld PC because I will be
traveling a lot this summer and needed something
to type with. I wasn't too enamored by Win CE.
During my research on the web, I discovered there
were DOS-based handhelds available and eventually
came across Bryan Mason's Poqet website.

I have read through the FAQ, the tech manual and
searched through the mailing list archives.

The reasons I bought the PC Plus.
The PC Plus is relatively inexpensive
compared to the newer Win CE machines.
It is small and light, comparable to the Win CE machines
with a keyboard. It is DOS based and I have tons
of DOS programs. :)

The only problem I have is finding the serial adaptor
for the RS-232C port. The connector on the back of the PC Plus
is non-standard. Bryan's website does not mention this at all.

Can anyone tell me where I can obtain this adaptor???
This is one piece of hardware that would make my PC Plus
really useful.

Right now, I'm using the Poqet to write text files but
eventually plan to access email and fax with it once I
get the proper adaptor. In fact, I'm writing a review
of my experience with the PC Plus (typing it on the PC Plus
of course :) ) for these last few days. Coming soon.


Re: Classic vs. Plus; comm program by David Wolf <dave.wolf@xxxxxxxx>

From: "David Wolf" <dave.wolf@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Classic vs. Plus; comm program
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 17:21:33 -0700
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Michael and other Poqet-pals: You probably have the answer to your question
already, but I thought I'd let you know that California Digital is using
eBay to auction off some Poqet Pluses (used)  The Description area provides
pretty good info (and a nice photo.)  Go to eBay, click on computers and
type Poqet in the search space.  You still have 2-3 days before the auction
expires.  They did this a couple weeks ago as well.  Good luck!  --Dave
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From: Michael Fetterman <d005041c@xxxxxxxx>
To: poqetpc@xxxxxxxx <poqetpc@lists.best.com>
Date: Sunday, April 18, 1999 2:38 PM
Subject: Classic vs. Plus; comm program

>Thanks for the succinct and quick explanation, David.
>Does the Plus enjoy a standard serial or parallel port ?
>Does the Plus enjoy an easily replaced display/ribbon cable ?
>Why not just put a general comm program, like Procomm, Wildcat or Comit
>on a card and use it ? Or PQ-LINK it over ?
>     Michael Fetterman
>  d005041c@xxxxxxxx
> The problem with the Universe is
> NOT that it DOESN'T make sense, but
> rather that it ALMOST makes sense..
>                      Lord Rutherford

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