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  1. chess, cables by Michael Fetterman <d005041c@xxxxxxxx>

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chess, cables by Michael Fetterman <d005041c@xxxxxxxx>

From: Michael Fetterman <d005041c@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: chess, cables
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 16:15:24 -0500 (EST)
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The archives should have posts on pinouts for wiring/recycling the printhead 
ribbon cable from an Okidata series 82/83/92/93/182/192 printer to make 
these cables. These old dot matrix printers are widely available, dead 
and alive, cheaply, for salvage/cannibalizing.  

I believe Chessmaster 2000 is an old version of commercial software, more 
recently called Chessmaster 3000, which has gotten good reviews.

     Michael Fetterman

 The problem with the Universe is 
 NOT that it DOESN'T make sense, but 
 rather that it ALMOST makes sense..

                      Lord Rutherford

> Hi Anthony,
>  Do you know where on the net I could find these programs?
> Thanks,
> Scott
> On Sat, 20 Mar 1999, Anthony Iannone wrote:
> > Try Chessmaster 2000 ;) it works well... and find BATPOPUP.EXE as a
> > great menu ;)

> floppy drive, and cases for the computer and floppy.  However, I have 
> neither a PoqetLink cable nor a cable to connect the floppy drive.  
> Without either of these, I have no way of getting date of the Poqet PC.
> Does anybody have a cable for sale, or can suggest a workaround?
> Thanks.
> Tom Owad

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