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  1. Software Compatibility II by Scott Kinder <rkinder@xxxxxxxx>

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Software Compatibility II by Scott Kinder <rkinder@xxxxxxxx>

From: "Scott Kinder" <rkinder@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Software Compatibility II
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 20:18:56 -0500
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Hello Poqet Users,

 Since I received so much positive feedback from my
previous "Software Compatibility" posting, I've decided
to continue to chronicle my experiences in search of
good software for the Poqet PC. This time I have two
games and a utility program to report on.

 I'm currently on the lookout for a graphical Chess
game that works well on the Poqet and a menu program
that's small and easy to use. If anyone has any ideas
please let me know.

 Scott - rkinder@xxxxxxxx

PowerChess 5.3

 I spent some time playing around with PowerChess 5.3.
This program just wasn't stable enough on my Poqet Prime.
It would seem to work fine, but then it would lock up on

 Has anyone else tried this program? If so -- please let
me know what kind of luck you had with it.

 Also, while in the process of testing this program, I
created a PowerChess configuration file that reverses
the colors and makes the graphics look nice on the Poqet.
If anyone is interested in this configuration file
(POWER.CFG), then let me know and I'll e-mail it. 
(Of course if your experiences with this program are like
mine, then you will definitely not be interested) 

 This SHAREWARE program is available at:
 S.U.P.E.R. http://www.palmtop.net/super.html (PowerChess)

Murk 4.0g

 I'm not usually interested in this type of game, but since
it was recommended by Bryan Mason's web page, I thought I'd
give it a try.

 This game really works great and it's also a nice little
diversion. I liken it to a "Mario Brothers" type game, but
it's a little more basic than that. The author's description
pretty much sums it up:

 "Murk is a 'lode runner' sorta game. It's a platform jumper,
 basically grab all the diamonds, and get to the teleporter
 without running into a bad guy or touching a bad block". 

 Murk will run in either text or graphics mode, although in
text mode it only takes up half the screen and is harder to

 You can also create your own levels with the available Murk
editor EDMURK.EXE. This simple utility requires a mouse equipped
PC. So download edmurk.zip if you want to get creative.

 This FREEWARE program is available at:
 MURK http://cheesy.simplenet.com/murk.htm
 (Text Murk 4.0g & edmurk.zip) 

List 5.3a - Update

 I mentioned this utility in my other post, but I didn't specify
the location. It can be found at the author's website (see below).

 This is a directory viewer; a text file reader; a program launcher
and more.

An example of some of LIST's functionality:
 When you type LIST you will get a selection list of all the files
in the current directory. You use the arrow keys to highlight a file
or directory. Pressing the ENTER key will view the file or change
the directory. If you highlight an executable or batch file, then
pressing "I" will prompt you for parameters and then launch the pro-
gram. LIST can also be configured to edit the selected file (with an
external editor of your choice) by pressing "E". You can also
configure LIST to list the files within a .ZIP archive by pressing
"V". I don't have room here for all the details, but let me know if
you want more info.

 TIP: 1. The .ZIP archive asks for a password, but the files you need
will be extracted without it. 2. Use the LIST.COM version. This is
the one with all the features. 

 This SHAREWARE program is available at:
 BUERG COMPUTERS http://www.buerg.com/ (LIST Plus)

 -- Have Fun! --

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