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Volume 003, Number 050, 4 Mar 1999

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  1. New User of Poqet Plus by Monty Walls <mwalls@xxxxxxxx>

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New User of Poqet Plus by Monty Walls <mwalls@xxxxxxxx>

From: Monty Walls <mwalls@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: New User of Poqet Plus
Date: Wed,  3 Mar 1999 10:01:47 -0600 (CST)

Having recently acquired a used Poqet Plus, I'm trying
to chase down documentation on it (ie the differences
between it and the regular version).

The things I'm looking for are: 

a) Port pinouts (serial port specifically)).
b) pqsetup documentation 
c) ata flash card compatibility

Any help would be much appreciated.

	Monty Walls.

-Monty Walls (mwalls@xxxxxxxx)
-	MIS(Technical Supt), Oklahoma Tax Commission
- My opinions are my own, my employer knows nothing about it.

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