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Volume 003, Number 042, 15 Feb 1999

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  1. New member by CURRIE1234@xxxxxxxx

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New member by CURRIE1234@xxxxxxxx

From: CURRIE1234@xxxxxxxx
Subject: New member
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 04:07:21 EST
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Hi everyone.I don't actually own a Poqet(though I'm fascinated by them,and
probably will one day).My computers are an Apple Newton MP100,and a Vadem
Clio(brand new,running WinCE)so you can see I like "small".I also use my
wife's Hewlett-Packard desktop,which is a great Internet cruiser.
	I'm reachable via currie1234@xxxxxxxx and neill@keyway.net.Just one
quickie:anyone got a Newton to PC cord and software? Thanks--Neill.

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