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  1. Re: Reply to Jay by Daryl L Hardes <daloh@xxxxxxxx>
  2. RE: Website Ad confirmation by MOY, WILLIAM <BMOY@xxxxxxxx>

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Re: Reply to Jay by Daryl L Hardes <daloh@xxxxxxxx>

From: Daryl L Hardes <daloh@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Reply to Jay
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 09:55:53 -0500
References: <199901250410.UAA13683@xxxxxxxx>


Yes, I use Toshiba's PCMPLUS drivers, don't see any clue
as to the version.  By the way, just popped my Poqet card into
my Sharp WideNote (Win 95) and it worked fine, also.  Went
to DOS (ctrl-alt-rt.arrow), typed "e:" (Enter), "dir" (Enter) and
there it is.  It's so small compared to this 2G hard drive that
I just back up the whole thing at once into a directory

If you can't use any SRAM cards in your T3400, you may
be lacking a line in your CONFIG.SYS file, or it may be REM'd
out.  Here's my lines, all but the "pcmscd" line are needed for 

device=c:\pcmplus\pcmcs.exe /wait=20 /addr=c8 /irq=15 /flash
device=c:\pcmplus\pcmscd.exe /beep /com=2 /rs=4
device=c:\pcmplus\pcmffcs.exe /base=d0 /size=32 /queue=1 /part=1

I keep a REM in front of these lines when not using the card (to free
up memory for Publish-It for DOS)   When I want to use the Poqet
card, I delete the rem's so that "device" is at the margin, save the
file in plain ASC format and reboot.

For more detail on the card drivers, see your Card Manager booklet,
appendix B1 and B2; also pages 1-3 to 1-5.

Another possible cause of your problem is that you formatted the
Poqet card in your Toshiba.  That will work in the Toshiba, but
not in the Poqet.  From drive "C:" in the Poqet, type:  format a:
(Enter), with the card in the "a" drive.
I don't have a spare floppy drive, though I have two T3400's (one
is now a battery charger only).  Since I'm getting my wife a new 
320CT or 3010 Portege,  I'd sell you the T3400s including FD.  
However, half her schoolwork is in GeoWorks on that machine.  
Until I buy the utility to slice up the hard drive on the new machine, 
thanks to Bill Gates I can't easily load GeoWorks on it.  If you want 
to send me an email in a few weeks, I might have better news for you.

Daryl (daloh@xxxxxxxx)

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RE: Website Ad confirmation by MOY, WILLIAM <BMOY@xxxxxxxx>

From: "MOY, WILLIAM" <BMOY@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: Website Ad confirmation
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 11:59:52 -0500
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain

FYI, here is my response to a confirmation request re 2Mb type 1 cards @
$59. each from California Digital!  Also, I believe I read that from a
previous posting that CD has relinquished their supply of Poqet Classics
(actually they have 6 left -I just called), instead they now offer the
Poqet PC Plus for $99.  Be aware that the Plus has similar dimentions
like the Classic but is definitely more bulky and thus more cumbersome
to compute on the go.  Also, the Plus uses NiCad batteries and AC for
its power.  

Because the Plus includes DOS 5 in its ROM, this was the *only* way I
know of to make a bootable SRAM using DOS 5 and then run it on the
Classic; then I was able to run Microsoft's Dosshell.exe, which I think
is the best DOS file manager with the look and feel of Windows (but
without Windows.)  I especially like the Associate feature that links
programs to filemane extensions (a feature I have not found in another
DOS shell program.)  Another wonderful file manager is Vernon Buerg's
List (available at filepile.com) but it doesn't do multiple files or
associate but it is very quick.

Q: Has *anyone* been able to format a bootable SRAM card (other than DOS
3.3) via desktop to Poqet?  If so, I would appreciate a posting.  If
it's not possible can anyone explain why one can't use SYS.COM in this

	Thanks!  -Bill

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Terry Reiter [SMTP:caldigital@xxxxxxxx]
> Sent:	Friday, January 22, 1999 4:03 AM
> Subject:	Re: Website Ad confirmation
> The memory cards will work with your classic. Yes, we have about 2000
> 2-MB
> cards in stock.
> You may want to phone our sale office toll free at (800) 421-5041
> =========================================================
> MOY, WILLIAM wrote:
> > Dear Sir or Madam:
> >
> > I just visited your website and would like to order two 2Mb SRAM
> Cards
> > Type 1 (compatable with the Poqet Classic) at your advertised price
> of
> > $59.00 each.  I will wait for a confirmation by return email if this
> > transaction can be processed before I call your telephone order line
> > with my credit card number.

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