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  1. Re: Disk drive shortcut by daloh@xxxxxxxx (Daryl L Hardes)
  2. Re: Disc drive... by bertelli@xxxxxxxx (Carlo Bertelli)

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Re: Disk drive shortcut by daloh@xxxxxxxx (Daryl L Hardes)

From: daloh@xxxxxxxx (Daryl L Hardes)
Subject: Re: Disk drive shortcut
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 20:34:41 -0500
References: <199810312310.PAA06479@xxxxxxxx>

Doug - to use your new disk drive, you have to 
to activate:   device=pqdisk.sys

A minor irritation is that you have to reboot,
which drops the clock-correcting software.
So I wrote the following bat files to speed 
the switch both ways.

Put the following files in the root of your A drive, 
including the clock driver software, OS$CLK2.SYS.

Then when you want to use the disk drive, turn off 
the Poqet and connect the drive, being sure to touch 
the connector metal to reduce static electricity.  Turn
the Poqet on and type:

disk  (enter)

That puts the right drivers, including corrected clock,
onto the D: drive.  Reboot and use your disk drive.

To return the Poqet to non-disk mode with clock
correction intact, turn it off and disconnect the disk
drive, again touching the connector metal as you do.
Turn Poqet on, go to A drive and type:

nodisk   (enter)

Then reboot.

Here are the files to write, saving as plain text files:

(1)  disk.bat has these lines

copy config.dsk d:config.sys
copy autoexec.bat d:autoexec.bat

(2) nodisk.bat has these lines

copy config.sys d:
copy autoexec.bat d:
copy OS$CLK2.SYS D:

(3) config.sys has these lines


(4) config.dsk has these lines


(5) autoexec.bat has these lines

@echo off
prompt $P$G
echo ref R1.05.1
pqtools /n 

Of course, your autoexec and config files may have
some differences from mine.  For example, you might
have "pqtools" without the "n", so pqtools loads
on bootup.

Daryl  (daloh@xxxxxxxx)

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Re: Disc drive... by bertelli@xxxxxxxx (Carlo Bertelli)

From: bertelli@xxxxxxxx (Carlo Bertelli)
Subject: Re: Disc drive...
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 01:21:42 +0100
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>I have a disc drive and cable.  What drive letter does it become and how do
>you activate it?
>Doug Spreng

Just hot-reboot your unit (ctrl-alt-del) and, provided you have good
batteries inside, you will have an e: drive for diskettes.


BTW: would someone get rid of her poqet? I'll buy one if price is reasonable.

Carlo Bertelli - Istituto di Storia dell'architettura
                 Facolta` di Architettura dell'Universita` di Genova
                 Stradone S. Agostino, 37      Genova (Italy)
                 tel. 39 10 209 5835            fax 39 10 209 5838
e-mail: bertelli@xxxxxxxx

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