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Volume 003, Number 012, 10 Sep 1998

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  1. Re: Spreadsheet for Poqet by daloh@xxxxxxxx (Daryl L Hardes)

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Re: Spreadsheet for Poqet by daloh@xxxxxxxx (Daryl L Hardes)

From: daloh@xxxxxxxx (Daryl L Hardes)
Subject: Re: Spreadsheet for Poqet
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 12:56:31 -0400
References: <199809080310.UAA00685@xxxxxxxx>

Patrice:  The spreadsheet As-Easy-As that Steve mentioned
can be downloaded from:


Or just type filepile, click on DOS programs, and search for
You will find several versions of As-Easy-As as well as other
spreadsheets.  Perhaps one will run on the normal 3.3. volt. If, as Steve
says, you need to 
switch to 5 volt, you do that by holding down the blue Poqet key and
the blue star key (power management off).  The black bar over the key 
goes out and batteries don't last long.

While in the filepile or other freeware/shareware sources, you might want
to download LIST, QEdit or NYWord, and FREECELL if you have need for a
file manager, word processor (Poqet Write only does small files), and a
game.  I don't know if any of these have French versions for you.  If
space is
a problem, try the old 3K editor TED, works perfect (a later version adds
word wrap, but the screen flashes annoyingly).

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