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Volume 003, Number 003, 13 Aug 1998

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  1. Lost Poqet by twarren@xxxxxxxx

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Lost Poqet by twarren@xxxxxxxx

From: twarren@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Lost Poqet
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998 08:13:24 -0600
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I was on a transatlantic flight in May (to Germany, American Airlines). 
When I got to Frankfurt, I noticed that my Poqet had fallen out of the 
bag on the plane. When I rushed back to the gate, no Poqet--the cleaners 
had not turned it in. A colleague called the AA office in Germany. no 
luck. My wife called AA here. It's gone. In case you hear about it, here 
are the details--

SERIAL 016400047898

Has WordPerfect Executive PC card and 2meg memory card.
I have backup of address list and can produce any number of names from 
it as well as the reports and spreadsheets there.

There should be one of my business cards in the carrycase.

By the way, in all the discussions here, no one mentioned the 
WordPerfect Executive. I got it with the used Poqet I bought, and it was 

Many thanks for keeping an eye out, but I don't hold out any hope.

Cheers, Tom Warren

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