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  1. Re: Poqet PC vs. HPC by Virtual Bob <h93young@xxxxxxxx>
  2. Re: Digest poqetpc.v002.n092 by Bryan Mason <bmason@xxxxxxxx>
  3. Poqet vs. HPC by marku@xxxxxxxx (Mark M Ulrich)

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Re: Poqet PC vs. HPC by Virtual Bob <h93young@xxxxxxxx>

From: Virtual Bob <h93young@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Poqet PC vs. HPC
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 13:12:44 -0500 (CDT)
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On Thu, 28 May 1998, Mark M Ulrich wrote:

>I already have a Windows CE - Handheld PC that is great.  It runs all
>Windows CE programs and I love it!  I use it for everything and I bring
>it anywhere.  It is small and fits in my jeans pocket.  It also has an
>8088 computer emulator so I can run ALL DOS PROGRAMS for 8088 machines!
>So, do you think a Poqet PC would be a good thing to get?  I am not sure.

It really depends on what *YOU* expect from these little things. If you're
happy with your Windows CE thing, then go ahead and keep it. The
requirement of having at least 75MHz CPU to emulate 8MHz PC/XT may or may
not be the greatest thing on earth depending on different point of view.

I know I couldn't live with the CE -- it's just a fancy PDA that doesn't
run anything on the market. But the PC/XT emulator seems to do what Poqet
can and more. You cannot do multiple serial port, multiple floppy drive
support, mouse support, etc. without being very resourceful with the Poqet
expansion port..

And then, there's the issue of softwares. Poqet is fun little doodad, but
the PC/XT compatibility mean you'll need to really hunt for the software
-- and ditto for that PC/XT emulator you run on your CE. And if you're a
"newbie" -- either to the world of old PC/XT, or just generally to the PC
computer and just got hold of Poqet -- you'll probably need help on
getting softwares that run on Poqet (or PC/XT emul).

If you have 75MHz or better CPU and you have either backlit or color LCD
on your CD, then I'd say stay with it. I understand that the PC/XT
emulator for the CE is not freeware at all?

Anyway, Poqet can offer a lot of features -- with excellent touch-typable
keyboard not matched anywhere in the world of palmtop PC. And if you want
more, there are other choices like IBM PC110 or Toshiba Libretto. IBM's
PC110 would have features that would overwhelm any CE besides its ability
to run any PC softwares. ANd it's a lot smaller than any CE.

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Re: Digest poqetpc.v002.n092 by Bryan Mason <bmason@xxxxxxxx>

From: Bryan Mason <bmason@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Digest poqetpc.v002.n092
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 16:22:41 -0700
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At 04:00 AM 5/29/98 -0700, Richard Kanarek wrote:


>I've been trying to think of gentle way of reminding you (Mr. Mason)
>that its been (apparently) a significant amount of time since you last
>made any of your most generous contributions to the Web site's Poqet

You don't need to be gentle :)  Like most of us, I've got more things to do
than I have time in which to do them.  If I haven't worked on the Poqet
site in a while, it's not because I don't want to, it's just because I
figure no one's complaining, everything's running smoothly, and there's
nothing that really needs to be done right now.

If there's something you all would like to see done, feel free to drop me a
line and let me know.  I can't say that I'll always do it right away, but
I'll do it as soon as I find the time.  And if enough people bug me about
something, I'll figure out a way to make the time.

-- Bryan

Poqet vs. HPC by marku@xxxxxxxx (Mark M Ulrich)

From: marku@xxxxxxxx (Mark M Ulrich)
Subject: Poqet vs. HPC
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 23:08:19 -0400
References: <199805291710.KAA22691@xxxxxxxx>


I appreciate the two or three responses to my inquiry about Poqet PC's
and HPC's, and I will answer some of your questions.

HPC's use the newer PCMCIA type 2 slots, and I use a 15MB flash card and
a 14.4 modem card.  There are no type 1 slots.

My XTCE emulator (available at www.pyram-id.demon.co.uk) works very well,
and is now in development, but demo versions are available.  I have been
able to run many DOS programs, such as an old version of Works and Flight
Simulator 4.0b.  (Yeah, I spent a few days digging up my old disks).  

The limiatations ... I don't think there are any ... well, in the demo
version, of course, there are limits but with the full version it's just
like using an 8088 computer like a Poqet PC.  But it is just a window in
Windows CE, not the whole computer, and the speed is probably not even
half of that of the Poqet PC, but I can't be sure of that.  Since I have
an older HPC, it emulates a 2.77 MHZ 8088, but with the new HPC it
emulates a 8.77 MHZ 8088.

XTCE really isn't that slow ... I was surprised, actually, with it's

For $150, the Poqet PC doesn't seem like a bad deal.  And with the new
WIndows CE Palm-sized PC's, I don't know if I'm going to get them!  

One of the main reasons why I like my CE HPC is a program called ClassPro
that is a school organizer that does everything (www.developerone.com)
and I mainly use the HPC for school.

Well, thanks for the welcome to the list, and I'll stick around and watch
the users of Poqet PC's... which sound very similar to the HP Palmtop
200LX series.  (DOS palmtop, also)

The keyboard of the Poqet does look good ... the little "chiclet" style
keys on my HPC are sometimes annoying.

(I am not going to say that much more about Windows CE ... apologize if
some things are off-topic.)

Mark Ulrich

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