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Volume 002, Number 092, 28 May 1998

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  1. Poqet PC 0164 interface cable? by Zevenhuizen, Arno <azevenhuizen@xxxxxxxx>
  2. Explanations Still Humbly Requested by MOY, WILLIAM <BMOY@xxxxxxxx>

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Poqet PC 0164 interface cable? by Zevenhuizen, Arno <azevenhuizen@xxxxxxxx>

From: "Zevenhuizen, Arno" <azevenhuizen@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Poqet PC 0164 interface cable?
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 17:08:02 +0200
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Hello everyone,

Since a couple of years I am a satisfied user of a Poqet PC 0164.
A friend of mine has a HP Palmtop. The PCMCIA card of mine is compatible
with his. The only way to swap file between my PC and PQT PC is with
help of his palmtop and interface cable.
Last week I discovered this site from Brian Mason.
Now I wonder, is there anybody who has a cable, serial or parallel, and
wants to sell it. Or is there anybody who has has made one him- herself

Arno Zevenhuizen.

Explanations Still Humbly Requested by MOY, WILLIAM <BMOY@xxxxxxxx>

From: "MOY, WILLIAM" <BMOY@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Explanations Still Humbly Requested
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 13:01:55 -0400
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Content-Type: text/plain

Much thanks to Richard Kanarek for his posted response to my query of
5/18/98 regarding my self-destructing Poqets.  I feel somewhat relieved
that Richard strongly believes that dying discount batteries nor aging
electronic Poqet components are not the cause of my fried screen and,
also, I am very happy he did not post what I can do with my paperweight
Poqets.  However, the mystery is still that - a mystery.  Has anyone out
there in Poqetland encountered the same or similar problem??  Am I the
*only* one to have been struck down with this- not once, but twice???  

I noted that my fried unit did not have a rubber port cover, although I
don't believe any amount of static electricity transferred from an human
hand would have resulted in such a burnt screen... ... ...perhaps ball
lighting!?!   Another idea was "wet contacts" perhaps from dripping wet
fingers, although I cannot imagine how this might have actually occured
on my unit!

Any light shed, theories, speculations toward identifying this problem,
of course, would benefit all Poqet users; if we ever get to the bottom
of this, we'll all know what *not* to do.  And if you've suffered
through the same thing, please email me - it would make me feel less
-er- lonely...

PS.	If anyone out there could use Poqet parts, I would be willing to
swap one of my broken Poqets for another broken one with a working
screen, or, if there are working Poqet screens to be sold, please let me

Much thanks to Bryan Mason for updating the Poqet website with Chaper 8
of the Technical Reference manual (a chapter I've been looking forward
to reading for some time) plus other new stuff.  One question regarding
the Poqet CGA mode:  I've been searching for some software or other
solution for reversing the foreground and backgroung colors.  In Chapter
8, this paragraph is mentioned:

640 x 200, 2-color graphics mode

On a CGA display, one bit corresponds to each pixel location. When this
bit is set, the pixel
assumes the foreground color. If the bit is not set, the pixel assumes
the background color. On the
PQXT Models 0164-0168 and 1164, the background color is always white (no
LCD pixel
visible), and the foreground color is always black (the LCD pixel is

Is it possible to set or not set the referred bit and how?  I've
experimented with changing a copy of Command.Com with debug, but was not
able to get the desired results.


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