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  1. RE: Poqet Classics for sale by MOY, WILLIAM <BMOY@xxxxxxxx>
  2. My apologies... by MOY, WILLIAM <BMOY@xxxxxxxx>
  3. Omigod! They've Killed Kenny!! by MOY, WILLIAM <BMOY@xxxxxxxx>

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RE: Poqet Classics for sale by MOY, WILLIAM <BMOY@xxxxxxxx>

From: "MOY, WILLIAM" <BMOY@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: Poqet Classics for sale
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 11:52:53 -0400
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Hello, Iseeman

I just wanted to follow up with you because it seems that my situation
has changed.  This weekend I opened my Poqet to find a burnt up screen
and it's not functioning any more.  Do you still have Poqets for sale, I
might even buy two, if available.  Thanks Bill...

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> From:	ISEEMAN@xxxxxxxx [SMTP:ISEEMAN@worldnet.att.net]
> Sent:	Wednesday, May 13, 1998 8:48 PM
> To:	poqetpc@xxxxxxxx
> Subject:	Poqet Classics for sale
> Hi there,
> I have a few brand new Poqet for sale with all manuals - price $90 ea.
> 512K Sram						     $24 ea.
> Serial cable						     $15 ea.
> Purchase of all above					    $120 total
> Shipping (last time I shipped US mail (insured )
> $8
> I think these prices are better than California Digital and the
> merchandise
> is new.
> Regards to you all
> Iseeman

My apologies... by MOY, WILLIAM <BMOY@xxxxxxxx>

From: "MOY, WILLIAM" <BMOY@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: My apologies...
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 11:56:49 -0400
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Content-Type: text/plain

Sorry folks, didn't mean to respond to the entire list with my prior
email to Iseeman.  -Bill

Omigod! They've Killed Kenny!! by MOY, WILLIAM <BMOY@xxxxxxxx>

From: "MOY, WILLIAM" <BMOY@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Omigod! They've Killed Kenny!!
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 18:19:11 -0400
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Content-Type: text/plain;

Now, I'm really worried!  This is the second time this problem occurred
on two different units:

In the past I bought two different used Poqet Classics from their owners
via internet, both were in perfect working conditions, one was pristine
- looked and felt new!   Both units surprised me shortly after I bought
them and I opened to use them to find burn marks around the edges of the
LCD screen!  Bryan (anybody!) can you tell me what may have caused this?

I wrote about this earlier to the list but got no answer, so I assumed
it was a fluky thing that happened with the first unit, but now twice??

Here are some details I noticed:
Burn marks usually on the left side  and bottom LCD boarder of varying

A bubble-blister (blistering inside because the screen still feels
smooth) located on the top-most, left-most corner.

Burn mark right next to the red Poqet logo (lower right corner).

Crack lines running from the burn marks as if the normal
off-screen-green was paint that was drying up and crackling.

The first one definitely has a distinct burn odor, the second does not.

The first one I was using discount batteries purchased from an Odd Lot
store.  I asked if this might have possibly caused the problem but, no
answer.  I was afraid to use the batteries on my good unit, so I threw
them away.

The second time I checked the AA batteries, they were dead.  And I also
noticed that the battery power in the 64K SRAM in drive B: was on it's
way out.  The AA batteries was the ones that were shipped with the unit,
so I assume they worked fine for the original owner.

I tried to read the SRAM cards from the dead unit to see if I still had
my info saved; I didn't - It scrambled the info on drive A: and I didn't
even bother to check drive B: because of it's low battery condition.

Both dead units were used very little, perhaps just to keep phone
numbers and a game.  My intention was to use it as a back up when my
good unit gave way.

On the other hand my good unit is with me constantly.  When I see that
Battery Signal darken I change batteries immediately.  It has been
dropped a couple of times and it looks well...worn a bit.  But it keeps

My only unsupported theories is when a batteries are dying, can they
give a sudden burst of energy?, or, do you think a certain electronic
component is shorting out with age??

Help!  Has anyone else had this problem?   I've tried to read all the
Poqet Archive articles under the searchword "screen" and I don't think
this is related to the famous "Black Screen of Death" as another
subscriber mentioned.

Now I have two burnt out Poqets that I'm saving for parts, any ideas
what I can do with the units without the screens?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.		-Bill

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