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  1. Reponses: Reflective color screen, spell-checker. by daloh@xxxxxxxx (Daryl L Hardes)

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Reponses: Reflective color screen, spell-checker. by daloh@xxxxxxxx (Daryl L Hardes)

From: daloh@xxxxxxxx (Daryl L Hardes)
Subject: Reponses: Reflective color screen, spell-checker.
Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 01:40:40 -0400

Answer to Dayton

I believe I read about the reflective color screen breakthroughs in
InfoWorld, maybe 2-3 weeks ago.  When I go to the library, I'll check. 
Could have been PC Mag or Byte. Just glanced in my Poqet for notes I
might have made and did a directory-wide search with "list *.*/T
reflective". Nope.  As I recall, the reflective ratio was maybe 12:1, the
color intensity very good.  By Sharp, starting with small screens, bigger
to follow.

Answer to John

I have not tried any stand-alone spell-checkers in my Poqet, but the 50K
optional one with NYWord (www.filepile.com) works fine.  It's better at
flagging suspect words than suggesting corrections, but does the job, and
you can add words.  NYWord also has a macro function I used to correct a
friend's book automatically from a list I typed of his 500 favorite
misspellings.  I gave him the macro as a lifetime gift, "Use this!"


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