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  1. New member but seasoned user, research-writing software I use, games by daloh@xxxxxxxx (Daryl L Hardes)
  2. Replacing Display Cable (was "Re: Digest poqetpc.v002.n080") by Bryan Mason <bmason@xxxxxxxx>
  3. Re: I LOVE MY "NEW" POQET PC! by Bryan Mason <bmason@xxxxxxxx>

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New member but seasoned user, research-writing software I use, games by daloh@xxxxxxxx (Daryl L Hardes)

From: daloh@xxxxxxxx (Daryl L Hardes)
Subject: New member but seasoned user, research-writing software I use, games
Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 03:11:37 -0400

                                              Introducing Myself

I'm new to the Poqet-users group, but on my 3rd and 4th Classics. I
got the first one used (scarcely) together with the floppy drive; the
second from Poqet (you took the order, Bryan); three and four from
California Digital - the latter from their last 12! My wife is going to
bury me with one, she says. Will Heaven allow it? I already had a flying
dream in which my Poqet lifted me up. 

                             Making the Poqet Into a Research Tool

I've honed the Poqets for what I do, research and writing about UFOs
et.al. The phone rings, somebody's telling me their encounter, I've
typed a page at 80-100 word per minute on my Poqet before "Windows
95" can show on my Sharp Widenote. I use NYWord (158K, shareware,
www.filepile.com), once nose-to-nose with WordPerfect. It works fine
in the Poqet except for dropping wordwrap once in a while. If I'm
short on PC-card space, I switch to QEdit (53K, then 90K, now called
TSE Jr.), which I've configured to look and act like NYWord minus a
few functions. 

I've spent a lot of time in university libraries and seldom seen a
notebook. Too heavy to lug, along with books. But my Poqet was
collecting info far faster than the pencils scrawling around me in the
library and at Hebrew class at a local seminary. The shareware INTEXT
does Hebrew and Greek on it. Mostly I'm in libraries assembling
stories of gods flying in metal disks in ancient Egypt, Sumeria,
Ireland and over Hopi mesas; with long breaks eating Indian food and
typing what the owners tell me about flying "vimanas" in ancient
India. My clumsy notebook is in my case for when I need to run
BibleWorks for Windows, my Poqet is whipped out everywhere else. 

I think the Poqet-class computer has been mislabeled, so few know
what it's really good for. It should be called the "note-grabber".
My wife looks at me and says it should be called the "arm-extender."

I did grad study in Hebrew and Near Eastern Studies, but overwhelmed
myself in data. My professor passed me on sheer work, but I had a
real problem. I'd assembled hundreds of files on my 2mb card. I
couldn't I find and assemble the data fast enough for my final paper, let
alone the book I was doing!

I'd sprung for AskSam for DOS, the commercial freeform database (around
250K). It runs solid and amazingly fast on the Poqet. I'd loaded my
files into it and I had a database without having to create fields (you
can). I could do complex searches instantly and cut and paste what I
found from the contexts shown. 

But... I had a problem: I'm used to DOS's file system. I really wanted
to do searches through my ordinary TXT files. Eventually I realized I
had the answer already and didn't know it: my file manager LIST
(shareware). It was already simplifying DOS for me, launching
programs, launching files in NYWord, viewing files. It will also, I
found, search directories for word strings in context, and I could
cut and paste what I found to my chapter file!

Here's how to turn random TXT files into a giant, searchable,
cut-and-pastable database. Go into your directory and at the prompt
type something like this:

                                             LIST *.*/T your word string
 ...or something like this...  LIST egypt*.txt/T Horus' flying disk

Your Poqet will search through a hundred files pronto. When you see
a context you want, hit ALT M to mark the top of the screen and ALT B
to mark the line you put at the bottom; then ALT D to paste the
resulting block to a file. Hit ALT A to see the next occurance of
"Horus' flying disk" and keep trucking.  Incredible.

That's about it, except for a handful of utilities I can't live
without. For quick and dirty editing, I use TED (3K! PC Mag freebie).
I was excited to find that its successor RED has word wrap, but it
flickers on my Poqet annoyingly. For viewing files even faster than
LIST, I keep FILECTRL on hand (PC Mag freebie). Occasionally I tinker
with changing the text in EXE files I use, like adding direct commands 
in NYWord's drop-down menus. The old program FM (10K) does
it fine in the Poqet. When I misplace a file, FAST FILE FINDER
(PC Mag) grabs it.

Here's one of my favorites.  I'm working along in NYWord and wonder,
"Now where in the heck is that note I made on Horus of Egypt flying in 
a metal disk?"  I shell temporarily to DOS to find it (CTL X or the
Then I use a utility like LOCATE (PC Mag freebie), typing something
like LOCATE METAL DISK and - presto! - not only does LOCATE give 
me lines with "metal disk" in context (a few words), but that list is
nabbed by NYWord into a window! Back at work in NYWord, I see the file
that has the line I want and put it into one of NYWord's twelve windows. 

In short, I use Windows and notebooks for what they're good for - the
Internet, graphics, type-setting, multi-tasking - but for serious raw
work, I use DOS and my Poqet. 

                               Games That Work In the Poqet

No computer is complete without games. If Poqet had put a couple in
there, they might have made it big. Seriously! For years, I missed having
none in my Poqet, though I already had an old shareware program I
dusted off recently that works well, PowerChess (138K). When I went
on the Internet, I wondered if I could find my other two favorite
games in original DOS form, Freecell and Tetris. Yep! From
www.filepile.com I got FREECELL (32K) and a Tetris clone called XTRIS
(200K). Freecell runs best if you type: freecell mono (Enter). Xtris
only works if you toggle on "color" mode (Poqet key + F3) first. 

Finally, this is not a game exactly, nor awfully practical, but fun:
I hooked up a mouse through my Poqet's disk drive, loaded the MIDI
program into my Poqet that came with my MIDI connector (Key Midiator
MS124), and succeeded in recording my Yamaha keyboard improvisations. 

That was a challenge, like carrying my Poqet up an Adirondack
mountain to record a fellow hiker's UFO encounters.  That one I
failed.  An extra pound times 3000 foot elevation equals 3000
foot-pounds of extra work.  The Poqet stayed in the tent.  Does that 
mean I  can't take it into Heaven?

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Replacing Display Cable (was "Re: Digest poqetpc.v002.n080") by Bryan Mason <bmason@xxxxxxxx>

From: Bryan Mason <bmason@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Replacing Display Cable (was "Re: Digest poqetpc.v002.n080")
Date: Fri, 08 May 1998 15:33:53 +0200
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

I've known a couple of people who have successfully replaced the Poqet
display cable.  The spacing of the conductors on the display cable is very
close, however, so it requires a considerable amount of skill with a
soldering iron.

It's doable, but it's very difficult.

-- Bryan

At 11:36 PM 5-1-98 -0400, Michael Fetterman wrote:
>I think that now that you are back home, a full size desktop or laptop is 
>better tool for transcription anyhow. 
>The repair of a Poqet display cable 
>is well beyond most and likely all people on this list (possibly excepting 
>Bryan Mason) (though I do share and empathize with your spirit). Even 
>opening the case without damaging the contents is a mystery. I don't 
>think that a soldering iron is the repair tool either.
>Bryan, can you comment with authority ?

Re: I LOVE MY "NEW" POQET PC! by Bryan Mason <bmason@xxxxxxxx>

From: Bryan Mason <bmason@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: I LOVE MY "NEW" POQET PC!
Date: Fri, 08 May 1998 15:34:02 +0200
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

Hi Andy,

Welcome to the mailing list!

Unfortunately, I don't know if there's a solution to your WordPerfect 4.2
problem.  Poqet Computer only sold WordPerfect 5.1 for use on the Poqet PC,
so we never tried to do a solution for WordPerfect 4.2.

Lithium batteries should work fine on the Poqet PC.  The only problem you
might see is that low battery detection is a little different.  The low
battery detection circuitry is calibrated for alkaline batteres, and
changing to another battery technology (like NiCd or Lithium) may cause
some problems.  For example, with NiCd batteries, you'll get a low battery
warning and then immediately afterwards you're battery will be considered
"dead," and you won't have enough time to save your data.  I don't know if
the same thing will happen with Lithium batteries, but you might get weird
results like that.

If you send me more detail on the problems you're having with Navigator,
I'll try to help out.  You can also download the files via anonymous FTP at

-- Bryan

At 06:27 PM 4/29/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Poqet Community,
>I have a few questions for you denizens of PoqetLand:


>1) I'm using WordPerfect 4.2 on the Poqet, and I've found that my cursor,
>along with the alphabet letter I've just typed, disappears every few
minutes >or so.  There's a software fix on the Poqet web site for use with
WordPerfect >version 5.1; has anyone ever used this fix successfully with
version 4.2?  >Also, I'm having trouble downloading these fix files from
the web site; Brian, >maybe you can give me some pointers?  I'm using
Netscape Navigator version 2.
>2) Has anyone used disposable lithium AA batteries in their Poqet?  Do
these >batteries pose any problems?  It sounds like they could run the
computer for >300 hours or more.
>3) When I use Poqet Link, I find that I have to tell the program to copy
files >to the Poqet's D: drive in order to get them to copy to the B:
drive.  Has >anyone else encountered this?  Not that it's a problem; I'm
just curious why >it works this way.

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