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Volume 002, Number 063, 15 Mar 1998

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  1. New member introduction by Karen Skilling <skillin@xxxxxxxx>

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New member introduction by Karen Skilling <skillin@xxxxxxxx>

From: Karen Skilling <skillin@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: New member introduction
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 20:08:34 -0600
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Hello Everyone!

My name is Karen Skilling, and I am _very_ new to the Poqet PC world.
So new, in fact, that my Poqet is still en route to me from CA Digital.
At any rate, I am a thirtysomething grad student who loves computers in
all forms, but particularly the tiny.  The Poqet has intrigued me since
I read a July 1991 PC Magazine roundup review of palmtop pcs.
Particularly, I love the ratio of function to size, especially in this
day of Windows-bloated computers.  However, it was only when I stumbled
across your mailing list archives that I discovered that Poqets were
still for sale and - gasp! - I could finally afford one.  So thank you
all for the great information.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to participating in this group - the
generosity of information sharing amongst Internet users still blows my
mind.  I hope that you all will be patient with a new user's sometimes
thick questions.  Thank you!

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