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Volume 002, Number 050, 6 Feb 1998

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  1. cracked hinges by MarkWGPSU@xxxxxxxx
  2. Who's selling PC Plus's (was "Digest poqetpc.v002.n045") by Bryan Mason <bmason@xxxxxxxx>
  3. Poquet Plus accessories by tdc@xxxxxxxx

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cracked hinges by MarkWGPSU@xxxxxxxx

From: MarkWGPSU@xxxxxxxx
Subject: cracked hinges
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 17:21:47 EST
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The hinges on the two Poqet's I have owned tend to crack as if they will soon
break.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Has anyone come up with a solution
that will keep the top and bottom together?  Duct tape???

Mark in Womelsdorf

Who's selling PC Plus's (was "Digest poqetpc.v002.n045") by Bryan Mason <bmason@xxxxxxxx>

From: Bryan Mason <bmason@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Who's selling PC Plus's (was "Digest poqetpc.v002.n045")
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 1998 18:41:09 -0800
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The original message was sent by <JONIGOTI@xxxxxxxx>.
(I just checked my digest archives).

-- Bryan

At 10:43 AM 1/28/98 PST, tdc@xxxxxxxx wrote:
>tdc isn't talking about this!  I was inquiring as to WHO??? left that
>I (tdc) like you have never heard of 4 mb RAM cards BUT have heard it will
>work with 4 mb flash.  I also heard there was a backlit Poquet Plus.
>My use would be for use with GPS and the backlight would be nice - if I can
>ever find out WHO?? sent this original message - Infortunately my mailer -
>CCMAIL is either too braindead to tell me who sent it or too arogant to
>think I don't need to know!
>------------------------------- Message Contents
>I've never heard of 4 mb cards for Poqet, nor of backlit screens.  What is
>tdc@xxxxxxxx talking about?
>John Mercer
>On Tue, 27 Jan 1998 poqetpc-errors@xxxxxxxx wrote:
>> To: poqetpc@xxxxxxxx at SMTPLINK-wksg
>> bcc: Ted de Castro at EHS
>> Subject: Re: Digest poqetpc.v002.n043
>> ------------------------------- Message Contents
>> I have 3 Fujitsu Poqet Pcs for vailable with backlit LCDs. They all have
>> either 1mb and 4mb or 2mb and 4mb PC cards. I only have one link cable
and one
>> external Power supply between the 3 of them though. I'll accept any
>> offer.

Poquet Plus accessories by tdc@xxxxxxxx

From: tdc@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Poquet Plus accessories
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 98 09:53:59 PST

Now that I am the happy owner of 3 Poquet Pluses (mainly happy because I
hadn't realized how much better they were that the regular Poquet) - I am
on the look out for certain accessories:

1:  I need a serial cable - or at least the  connector part that fits the

2:  I'd like AC or DC adapters - working or not (mainly for the external
power connector.

3:  I'd like Poquet Plus NiCd batteries - good or not - so long as the
plastic shell is not shattered.

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has any of this stuff - or knows
where such might be found.

Also - has anyone out there with a Poquet Plus used it with one of those
commonly available SunDisk ram cards??

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