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Volume 002, Number 025, 21 Nov 1997

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  1. New Subscriber by MarkWGPSU@xxxxxxxx

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New Subscriber by MarkWGPSU@xxxxxxxx

From: MarkWGPSU@xxxxxxxx
Subject: New Subscriber
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 16:02:14 -0500 (EST)

Hi Everyone,
I originally wanted a small computer that I could take into the field with me
to help me keep track of information about clients.  I am an agronomist and I
consult with several hundred farmers, scouting fields, selling them
fertilizer, seed and chemicals, sampling soils, etc.  The amount of
information I have to keep track of is extraordinary.

I've had a Poqet PC since 1991.  Then it was the only PC I could afford and
it looked like it would get the job done.  I got the Poqet Classic with the
LOTUS 123 package and serial port.  Slowley I added to my original
purchase...the floppy drive, the parallel cable, WP 5.1, the Canon 10ex
bubblejet printer, a BSE 20MB Flashdrive, 2400 baud modem, 123 enhancements.
 The Poqet was a real workhorse for me when I started my PhD program at Penn
State.  Professors in my department were astonished at the quality of reports
I generated with my palmtop.  I purchased the extended two-year service
warranty with the original purchase.  At the end of 22 months, I returned my
Poqet and it was replaced with a new unit.  The problem was cracks which
developed in the hinges where the lid meets the body of the unit. I thought
he thing was going to fall apart.

By 1994 I purchased a Laptop and in 1995 a desktop.  My trusty Poqet and all
its accesories were relegated to a shelf where they collected dust.  From
time to time I would get the old horse down,  pop in a couplke of double A's
and take her for a spin.  But she always ended up back on the shelf after a
few days.

Now I am back in the field and I have more information than ever to try  to
keep track of.  I have not been able to figure out how to computerizee my
database that is in constant disarray.  I decided yesterday to remember that
ACT! was available for Poqet PC and I heard Kim Kommando plug the software on
her show.  I decided to try to find a ROM card program but I was
unsuccessful..  My search did lead me to this list and I thought maybe
someone with a Poqet might be able to help me find that software. 

I downloaded the 20MB version of ACT! ver 3.0 last nigh but so far I have
been unable to run it successfully on my desktop.

All the best-
Mark Goodson

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