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  1. Hello! by Peter Vieth <Fitek@xxxxxxxx>

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Hello! by Peter Vieth <Fitek@xxxxxxxx>

From: Peter Vieth <Fitek@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Hello!
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 22:32:05 -0800
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Hello everyone! I bought 20 Poqet PQ0164s 2 years ago but i was unable
to find any PoquetLink cables or the pin assignments so i could make my
own cable and moved them to the garage. Well i finally showed one to one
of my friends and realized i should search on yahoo or something for
information, and I found this mailing list. My friend and I plan to
tinker with the Poquets and I'll put up anything interesting I find.
Hey I didn't realize these things cost so much, to anyone in the Bay
Area (more exactly, Santa Clara i think), there were 20 other Poqets at
the place i bought mine (it was this building some non-profit place that
gave out computer parts to schools used to store things they thought
were useless) and they might still have them, it would be a pity if they
were thrown out. 

IGZ Handle: Fitek
ICQ UIN: 3660410
Web page: http://www.netcom.com/~Fitek/index.html
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Apocalypse Software web page: http://www.keast.com/apocalypse

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