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Volume 002, Number 021, 14 Nov 1997

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  1. Re: Unix (was Re: card reading) by ahm@xxxxxxxx (Andreas Meyer)
  2. SRAM & Libretto! by Virtual Bob <h93young@xxxxxxxx>

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Re: Unix (was Re: card reading) by ahm@xxxxxxxx (Andreas Meyer)

From: ahm@xxxxxxxx (Andreas Meyer)
Subject: Re: Unix (was Re: card reading)
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 13:47:59 -0800 (PST)
Content-Type: text
In-Reply-To: <199711131001.CAA14236@xxxxxxxx> from "poqetpc-errors@lists.best.com" at Nov 13, 97 02:01:53 am

AnnaBlade@xxxxxxxx writes:

> If you get any form of Unix onto the Poqet, I want to know how....

What Unix-like functionality do you want/need?

If you need it all (ie. a shell and utils), MKS Toolkit should work fine
although it might require a bit of "slimming down".
A similar effect can be achieved using Ian Stewartson's ksh-like shell
and utilities: ms_sh23b.zip and uxutl23[a-d].zip
See http://www.simtel.net/simtel.net/msdos/sysutl-pre.html

I really only wanted a decent version of "vi".  I was able to purchase
a copy of PC/VI before that company went out of business.  But alas,
PC/VI doesn't support macros.  
There is a vi clone called VIM (vi improved) which does support macros, 
but the binary is rather large. It's also somehow managed to corrupt 
itself on my Poqet. (Maybe I don't need macros after all. :-)
See calvin22.zip, pcvile.zip, stevi69x.zip, vim46r16.zip and xviexe.zip
under http://www.simtel.net/simtel.net/msdos/editor-pre.html

 Andreas Meyer    ahm@xxxxxxxx   http://www.spies.com/~ahm/
   Wanted: HO-scale slot cars; Aurora ThunderJet 500, A/FX or others.

SRAM & Libretto! by Virtual Bob <h93young@xxxxxxxx>

From: Virtual Bob <h93young@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: SRAM & Libretto!
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 11:20:52 -0600 (CST)
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII

Being sick and tired of downloading and formatting the SRAM card again and
again when I need it, I checked the boot record. The format used by Poqet
on 2MB SRAM is (the important stuff):

512 bytes/sector
1 sector/cluster
2 copies of FAT
Media descriptor byte of F9h
12 sectors/FAT
1 side

The current, default format of SRAM by majority of PCMCIA devices makes 2
sectors/cluster, 1 copy of FAT, 8 sectors/track, and 2 sides (among
others) out of 2MB SRAM cards. No wonder Poqet don't recognize those.

And yes, by manually entering these numbers to the boot block, I was able
to use MS-DOS 5's FORMAT and have the Poqet recognize the card.

Poqet vs. Libretto!

Hee hee hee! Well, I just got Libretto 60 a month before announcement of
Libretto 70. No big deal. I don't belive in MMX nor 60MHz motherboard
anyway. Compared to the Poqet, the Lib is 1/8" deeper, 1/2" shorter, and
about the 1/2" taller. No contest on the screen, speed, storage, etc.,
here. But one important thing -- how's the keyboard? Well, being 1/2"
shorter, the keyboard on the Lib is smaller than Poqet. But despite having
smaller foot-print keyboard, the Lib actually has the same pitch width as
the bigger Poqet keyboard -- approx. 14mm. Of course, Toshiba cheated
somewhat to get this sort of pitch width. The left-most keys -- tab, caps
lock, shift, etc. are all shortened. In fact, the tilde key is complete
moved from next to the [1] key to next to the space key.

The feel of the keyboard, though, differ a lot. Whereas the Poqet do solid
clicks, the Lib has a sort of soft, controlled travel. Sort of like IBM
keyboard vs. M$ keyboard. Being used to the real IBM keyboard, I do
consider the Lib (and M$) keyboard to be mushy. But I consider Lib to be
slightly better than M$...

Well, now I got three palmtops! Cool! Next target... IBM PC110. Not only
it's going to be the smallest, but also promises to be the most gadgety of
the bunch.

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