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  1. Re: Digest poqetpc.v001.n108 by John Tester <jtester@xxxxxxxx>
  2. Re[2]: Digest poqetpc.v001.n108 by tdc@xxxxxxxx

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Re: Digest poqetpc.v001.n108 by John Tester <jtester@xxxxxxxx>

From: John Tester <jtester@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Digest poqetpc.v001.n108
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 00:46:02 -0500
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	I have a simple question:  How does a laptop treat the Verbatim 1MB SRAM
card, formatted in the Poqet PC?
 	I have had a Poqet PC for about a year now, but this summer I bought a
Toshiba Satellite Pro 435CDT.  I've been taking the Poqet to the library
for reference information and using the laptop at work.  However, all this
time I have been using Kermit to download the info from the Poqet to the
	Yesterday, it suddenly dawned on me that I should be able to just swap my
SRAM card from the Poqet right into the laptop and download that way.
However, I can't figure out how.  Win95 on the laptop sees the PCMCIA card
alright and loads the SRAM driver automatically, but I don't know where to
go in the Win95 desktop to get the files out of the card.

	It's probably very simple, but I'm missing it.  The following is happening:

1.  There doesn't appear to be a new drive in Explorer.

2.  The A: drive seems to believe it is still in existence, but when I
click on it, the SRAM card humms (?), with no light out of the floppy drive
bay; I believe that the laptop is looking at the SRAM card for A: drive
info, but it is coming up with no files.  Interestingly, it is not trying
to format the media, but takes it as is, though it says that there is 1.44
MB available.  I have a 1 MB SRAM card, so this is probably not what it is

3.  A B: drive does not show up in Explorer.  However, if I use a DOS
window, I  can "cd" to B:.  The floppy drive lights up.  If I have a floppy
in the drive, a DIR command will respond with no files present and 1.44 Mb
available.  The "no files" occurs even with a floppy that has files on it.

Fortunately, I can pull out the SRAM, put it back in the Poqet PC, and it
reads fine.  The laptop happily reverts (my interpretation) back to correct
functioning as well.

4.  And yes, I formatted the VRAM in the Poqet.

Anyone want to tell me what simple thing I'm missing here?  I am a computer
lab manager at a university, but I have never run up against this problem
before.  I'm tempted to put Linux and FreeBSD on my laptop and Poqet, and
just go that route, just for spite.
John T. Tester
PhD Student
Industrial & Systems Engineering Department
110 NEB 
Blacksburg, VA  24061
Work:  540-231-2548
Email: jtester@xxxxxxxx
Homepage:  http://sedlsun.ise.vt.edu/~jtester/

Re[2]: Digest poqetpc.v001.n108 by tdc@xxxxxxxx

From: tdc@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Re[2]: Digest poqetpc.v001.n108
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 97 06:23:15 PST

I had a similar problem with the 2 meg ram card in a Toshiba Tecra 500!

Actually the end result was a fried motherboard!  Fortunately it was under
warrentee and EVERYONE said putting the RAM card in and the MB failure was
a coincidence - but it hasn't been back in since!

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