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  1. FS: pc card drives by Bob Strand <rstrand@xxxxxxxx>

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FS: pc card drives by Bob Strand <rstrand@xxxxxxxx>

From: Bob Strand <rstrand@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: FS: pc card drives
Date: Sat, 06 Sep 1997 12:04:12 -0700
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I don't know if anyone will be interested, but I have two of the original
Databook ThinCard Drives and software. The packages are sealed and marked
'For Use with the Poqet PC TMB-201-03', and 'POQET'. 

Each package contains a short PC board, a 24" interconnect cable, a 3.5"
drive unit with mounting adapter for 5.25" drive slots if needed, software
and documentation. It requires DOS 3.3 or later, and I have used one
successfully with Windows 3.1, although I've heard they're not compatible
with Windows 95. 

I also have a Poqet 2 MB Flash PC Application Card with case (including a
pair replacement 3-spring card drawers) and instructions for use.  This
flash card can be used with the ThinCard Drive and can be read by the Poqet
Classic or Prime although not written to except by using the ThinCard Drive
described above with the TCERASE and TCXCOPY programs.

Additionally, I have an Intel 1 MB Flash card.  My feeling is that it can be
used similarly to the Poqet 2 MB card, but I can no longer remember if this
is the case. 

If anyone wants to experiment with these, I will sell the drives for $65
each, the 2 MB card for $45 and the 1 MB card for $20.  Prices do not
include shipping.  Please let me know privately if you're interested.


-Bob Strand
San Jose, CA

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