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  1. Introduction by ISEEMAN@xxxxxxxx

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Introduction by ISEEMAN@xxxxxxxx

From: ISEEMAN@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Introduction
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 1999 04:59:02 -0700
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My name is Laszlo Farago. I purchased my Classic at a local charity
auction, a few months ago. It was gathering dust for awhile, since
I considered it impractical. The free memory too small, no connection 
to the outside world and I had access to two fast Pentiums. 

Not long ago during Net surfing I discovered this site and after 
reading a few postings I thought the Poqet could be a valuable and 
inexpensive tool. I was able to find one SRAM, and now I'm using it 
daily to take notes on meetings, set up schedules, and phone numbers.

To get around easier I loaded an old copy of Norton Commander and also
use that to do simple edits. Made myself a serial cable and using 
Poqetlink to move files bank and forth between the Poqet and the
At first there was a connection problem, but after a few e-mail exchange 
with J. Lawrence it finnaly worked. Currently I'm negotiating with a 
friend on the East Coast for a few more Fujitsu 512K SRAM he wants to 
get rid of.

I just want to say, you as a "support group" helped me great deal to
value the little black box.  



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