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  1. introduction by sunfish@xxxxxxxx

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introduction by sunfish@xxxxxxxx

From: sunfish@xxxxxxxx
Subject: introduction
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 06:56:24 -0400 (EDT)


Just a quick note of introduction. I've been a Poqet user for at least 
three years now. I started with a Prime that I picked up used. It lasted 
for about a year until the ribbon cable got so cracked the screen would 
not work.

I was able to trade the prime in for a Plus which also lasted for about a 
year. This time the LCD screen cracked and I lost the display.

I now am working a the Classic that I got from a friend who never used 
his. Of all of them I liked the Plus the best because of the backlit 
screen and the flash ROM. I wasn't too fond of the short NiCad battery 
life though.

I use the Poqet almost daily, mostly for BBS and Internet access and 
keeping notes. When the notes file gets too big I upload it to my 
desktop, a Commodore 128! I also keep a small gas mileage and car maint. 
database. This is also archived to the Commodore's hard drive via a null 

I use a copy of ProComm and it's editor for communications and text 
editing. I sometimes use the built-in utilities, such as the calculator. 
I have PKZIP/PAK/LHA handy for compression/decompression, and a batch 
file to restore a custom config.sys and autoexec.bat when I do a cold 
reset. I seem to remember that I didn't need to do a reset when I changed 
batteries in the other two machines, but in the classic I do.

Unfortunately, the ribbon on my present machine is beginning to fail and 
I may not have it to use very much longer. I have started looking for 
some kind of replacement, but there really is nothing I'd want to plunk 
down the money for. I've seen some very small Windoze boxes for HUGE 
bucks, but the display is so crowded it's very hard to read (yes, I'm at 
the age where your arms start to get too short!). I may just buy another 
Classic and cross my fingers.

              \\                      Geoff Sullivan        sunfish@xxxxxxxx
 \\   ....;;;;;;;;;;o.      _ \\                         FidoNet: 1:101/337
  )):;;;;;;;;;;;;;(;;;(     (~~~`                      geoffs@xxxxxxxx
 //    ''       //                              http://www.gis.net/~sunfish

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