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Volume 001, Number 141, 30 Jul 1997

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  1. Poqet PC device driver for Zip drive. by Bryan Mason <bmason@xxxxxxxx>
  2. Poqet PC setup for sale by Sabrodsky@xxxxxxxx
  3. I Scream for Fried Screen by bmoy@xxxxxxxx

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Poqet PC device driver for Zip drive. by Bryan Mason <bmason@xxxxxxxx>

From: Bryan Mason <bmason@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Poqet PC device driver for Zip drive.
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 15:48:49 -0700
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Hi all,

This is a message that I received from someone about a driver that would
let you attach a Zip drive to a Poqet PC.  I've asked Stefan to provide a
Web site URL for his product; if he does, then I'll post it to the Poqet PC
Web Site.

-- Bryan

>From: Stefan_Kaechele@xxxxxxxx (Stefan Kaechele)
>Subject: Device-driver for ZIP-drive at
>To: bmason@xxxxxxxx
>Organization: MausNet (Mitglied im IN e.V.)
>Date: Tue, 29 Jul 97 12:41:00 GMT
>X-Gateway: MausGate/Mail 1.27b9/ka2
>Dear Mr. Mason,
>Found you nice homepage about PC POQET some weeks ago. It appears to me as =
>a very effective way to support all the mass of people using this tiny =20
>I'm doing similiar support to the ATARI Portfolio handheld, you may have =
>heard of before. We succeeded in writing a device-driver to make the =20
>Portfolio meet the ZIP-drive from IOMEGA(via parallel interface).
>As the next handheld we took the POQET and succeeded, too.
>Other DOS-based handhelds with bi-directional parallel-interface will =20
>Now I'd like to pre-announce a brandnew device-driver which makes it =20
>possible to connect the IOMEGAs ZIP-drive to the POQET via POQETs parallel =
>Some details: Tiny device-drive of about 2600byte for access the ZIP-drive.
>              Format-tool to format one ZIP-disk into three partitions of  =
>              32meg/each(known limitations of DOS3.3). Measured real data- =
>              transfer-rate from ZIP to POQET(memory-card) =3D 189k/min.
>              (3.15K/s) and from POQET(memory-card) to ZIP =3D 198K/min.
>              (3.3K/s) in fastest mode of the driver.
>              Price will be about 30US$ when available about at midst of
>              september`97.
>              Pre-orders or statements of interest are welcomned to my e-  =
>              mail address: stefan_kaechele@xxxxxxxx
>Hope this is great news for all POQET-users !!!
>I'd like to ask you to spread this news over your mailing list or/and =20
>perhaps put it onto your homepage.
>Es gr=FC=DFt Dich,
>                 Stefan
>For E-mails larger than 16k or non-ASCII please choose my 2nd e-mail-=20
>address: _stefan.kaechele@xxxxxxxx_
>S. Kaechele, Mozartstr. 10, D-79331 Teningen, Phone+FAX: 0049/7641/47649
>## CrossPoint v3.02 R ##

Poqet PC setup for sale by Sabrodsky@xxxxxxxx

From: Sabrodsky@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Poqet PC setup for sale
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 11:44:02 -0400 (EDT)

Poqet Classic
-64k Poqet ram card
-serial, parallel cables
-Poqet 1.4 mb floppy drive
- Alphaworks program on Poqet rom card
 - Lotus 123 on Poqet rom card
-Poqet vinyl case
-spare cordura case
-all manuals for above
-everything included is in perfect,working condition
-For collectors, I also have the original factory box for the Poqet
-other items not listed but ask for details are included
-$199 plus COD shipping

I Scream for Fried Screen by bmoy@xxxxxxxx

From: bmoy@xxxxxxxx
Subject: I Scream for Fried Screen
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 13:17:39 -0400

Hi All!

I got a second hand Poqet Classic and everything was going well, but
this mourning (pun intended) I found my screen fried!!  There were burn
marks around the screen edges in three areas, the most intensive mark
is just aboue the lower right hand corner, originating from inside, behind
the screen glass,  the two others are more elongated and appears on
the top and lower borders of the screen on the left side.  No marks
appear on the black outside of the unit.  I used cheepo AA batteries, but I
don't think that could have caused it, could it???

Taking the batteries out and fitting them back in again I was able to get
the LCD to flicker a bit, but not everytime and that's it -I think it's dead!! 
Any ideas waht may have happened?  and did this ever happen to
anyone on the list?  Is there a fix?

Advance thank to anyone who can shed some light on this matter.  I'm in
the process of buying another Poqet and would like to know what NOT
to do...	-Bill

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