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  1. Hingepin removal by Lo Len Smucker <lolen@xxxxxxxx>

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Hingepin removal by Lo Len Smucker <lolen@xxxxxxxx>

From: Lo Len Smucker <lolen@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Hingepin removal
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 17:50:51 -0400 (EDT)
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>My rarely used, 1-year old Poqet is already developing a hairline crack on
>the hindge. I've heard some people pulling out the pin and put insomething
>less destructive. Well, I'm thinking of doing so. But how? How do I pull
>the pin out without destrying the whole thing or make the hindge crack

The following is the procedure I used to remove the hingepins on two Poqets.
After removing the pins, I reduced their circumference by closing the slit
in the pin and then replaced them. Before beginning, I first removed the
small spring on the right hinge.

1. 24 hours before I removed the pins, I put a couple of drops of 3 in 1 oil
in each hinge.

2.  I then inserted a very tiny metal screw into the hinge pin (using it as a
turn-out tool) and gave it a few turns until it became securely attached to
the hollow pin. Slowly I
turned the screw back and forth (holding the screw with a small pliers)
while gradually pulling the screw and pin out.

3.  I closed the slit in the pins by putting them in a small vice, reducing
the circumference of
each pin.

4.  I wrapped the pins in a small amount of vaseline and replaced them in the

Since the removal and re-entry of the pins left the screen/lid vulnerable to
being opened too far -- endangering the cable, I fashioned a holder out of
an old band saw blade after grinding the teeth down and made a cloth case
for same.  I slide it under the Poqet when opened to prevent the screen/lid
from going back too far.


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