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Volume 001, Number 138, 24 Jul 1997

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  1. Intro and a question by Andrew Demack <andrewd@xxxxxxxx>

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Intro and a question by Andrew Demack <andrewd@xxxxxxxx>

From: Andrew Demack <andrewd@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Intro and a question
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 16:46:15 +-1000
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Hello Poqetpeople,

I'm new to the list, and I've subscribed for a particular reason that =
will no doubt make you groan. For a long time (since 1989) I've used a =
portable writing device that you could barely call a laptop, the =
Cambridge Z88 (anybody remember it?). I liked it cos it was light & =
small, the batteries lasted lasted a long time, etc etc familiar reasons =
to Poqet PC owners. All I do with my portable is write articles (I'm a =
journalist) and read email.

My Z88 died. Just recently. Nobody mourned it but me.

So ... I need a replacement, preferably something better. I've searched =
around the current crop of PDAs and there's nothing that is exactly what =
I want. The old Poqet PC seems to be the closest thing. [What I want is =
a useable keybaord, reasonable screen, about 2Mb of storage, a *good* =
text editor, less than 1kg, long life from AA batteries, form factor =
about 200mm x 100mm x 20mm]

I've read Bryan Mason's excellent FAQ, but I couldn't connect to =
California Digital's website to see if they still sell the Poqet. It =
seemed to be off the air.


1. Does California Digital still sell the Poqet PC?
2. Is their website functioning?
3. Do they have a fax number?
4. Does anybody have a better suggestion of how to source a Poqet PC in =

-- Andrew Demack  <andrewd@xxxxxxxx>
Brisbane Australia

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