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Volume 001, Number 128, 26 Jun 1997

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  1. Self introduction by Michel Huynh <Huynh@xxxxxxxx>
  2. Re: various accessories for sale by Sabrodsky@xxxxxxxx

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Self introduction by Michel Huynh <Huynh@xxxxxxxx>

From: Michel Huynh <Huynh@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Self introduction
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 12:40:09 +0200
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Hi, I am a Frenchman, so please excuse me for my bad english. I own a
Poqet, of course of second hand, since last year. I past a long time
searching a PC that use AA battery instead that AC adapter because
sometime, especially in old library (I am historian of arts and I remain
student), there is no possibility to use a standard laptop with an AC
supply. In other hand, the Poqet doesn't contain hard disk or mechanical
peripheric, so it is very suitable to be transported on a motorcycle, wich
is my favorite vehicle. I have tried to purchase a Pocket, made by Belim
Technologie, wich was sell in France in the years 1990-93 and include a
french version of MS Works 2.0 in a ROM, but the only one I found to be
sold was to expensive, not in fact (~365$) but due to the idea that I did'nt
want to pay such a price for an old 8088. I purchased my Poqet (version
PQ0167, with international version of PQtools and a french keyboard,
rounded logo) a few month later for less than ~150$, and it cames with
two (2!) serial adapter (I realise that it seams to be a chance), a pocket
modem with its emulator for the French Minitel (but it don't work yeat), a
very nice black soft padded vinyl case, 2 genuine Poqet SRam cards
(1Mo and 64k).
I use a lighted french version of MS-Works 2 (recycled for the first PC of
my mother) and the Zip204 transfert utility. I wrote some batchs in order
to rewrite Autoexec.bat and Config.sys and save the date and the time
and pass them at each boot. I have about 700 Ko of free space for my
data files, more than what I can write in a month so I placed some other
utilities (file manager, etc...) and game (the Chess88 and a shareware
called Spacewar). I'm looking of course for other game...

I have a question : the SRam card, branded Poqet, have two (2 !) switch
on the small side, one white for the write protection, and another, bigger
and black, what is his utility ? Can anyone explain it to me ? Is it possible
to change the lithium battery in the card ?

In conclusion, I am very happy to know that I am not the only one user of
an old, but so charming, material, in the Pentium Pro age...

Re: various accessories for sale by Sabrodsky@xxxxxxxx

From: Sabrodsky@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: various accessories for sale
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 10:44:45 -0400 (EDT)

I am intersted in the PoqetPC Floppy Disk drive, the 1 meg storage card and
the modem. What price range are you looking for? Would $100 do for all of
them plus shipping?
Thanks and regards, 
Sascha Brodsky

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