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Volume 001, Number 123, 17 Jun 1997

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  1. cases and compression by AnnaBlade@xxxxxxxx
  2. AlphaWorks availability by compass@xxxxxxxx

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cases and compression by AnnaBlade@xxxxxxxx

From: AnnaBlade@xxxxxxxx
Subject: cases and compression
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 20:48:12 -0400 (EDT)

>Of course we only choose real leather for its durability and cushioning
>properties.  Stylish, unobtrusive, handy, and oh yes, they cost us $ 1.75
>Ken Peterson

I can never resist bragging about my St. Dennis "The Traveler" case I use
for my Poqet. It has all the qualities Ken mentions, but with the
additional ability to unzip on three sides. This leaves the Poqet sitting
on the lovely leather surface while I type. I like the dampening of
vibration and sound.

The other day the whole (zipped up) works slid off the top of a stack as I
was getting out of my van. That's a drop of several feet onto my cement
driveway. No problems resulted.

I'm looking at the receipt though. I paid 24.88 plus tax for this little
wonder. Somehow that doesn't stack up well with the 1.75 Ken talked about.

On another subject, have any of you found a way to search for a string in a
compressed file? I would love to compress my ascii Roget file, for the
Poqet, but still be able to search it.


AlphaWorks availability by compass@xxxxxxxx

From: compass@xxxxxxxx
Subject: AlphaWorks availability
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 18:52:24 -0600
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Hello Ron,

You were saying in your message to poqet list:

>        I still own the PCMCIA cards with Lotus 123, AlphaWorks, and Lotus Agenda. I 
>was disappointed that Agenda did not know about time. I ended up using AlphaWorks for 
>everything. I later moved to LotusWorks, which is just AlphaWorks next version, on 
>desktop computers. I still use LotusWorks to prototype database programs that I am 
>asked to build commercially. 

I've been looking for Alpha Works for months, I ended in buying Lotus Works that 
didn't work for me, it was a standard pc edition and discharged the battery in a short 
while, made the keyboard sound and so on. Lotus said it is ok to exchange LotusWorks 
as it is not anymore distributed. Alpha software told me the same thing.

Would you help me using the poqet for the same usages that you get from it? But 
beware, I have a curriculum somehow similar to yours... You should be careful, even if 
I'm far away from your business area..

Ciao and TIA from Italy

BTW, would you like to have a look into our web servers:
(the latter are old cadasters).

Ciao again.


Carlo Bertelli - Istituto di Storia dell'architettura
                 Facolta` di Architettura dell'Universita` di Genova
                 Stradone S. Agostino, 37      Genova (Italy)
                 tel. 39 10 209-5835           fax 39 10 209-5838
e-mail: bertelli@xxxxxxxx
(please reply to bertelli@xxxxxxxx)



Hello Carlo,
	I will be somewhat busy until after July 10, 1997. As soon as I get a chance, 
I will copy AlphaWorks for you. Please be advised that Lotus Development owns 
AlphaWorks and they informed me that they want me to handle this software similar to 
the way that shareware is handled. You will be required to buy a license from Lotus 
Development for the "Works" program suite. Neither I nor Lotus Development will 
provide documentation with the program. I can, however, send you a copy of the program 
if you agree to buy a license from Lotus. The cost of the license is ten dollars U.S 
($10.00). You will need to call Lotus Development at the US phone number 800-343-5414 
to license your copy of AlphaWorks or LotusWorks. Tell them that you are licensing 
PART NUMBER 026250.  
	When I send the program to you it will be as an email attachment. I will 
probably use MIME encoding. If you require UUCODE or some other format, please notify 
	Please be advised that I will be copying AlphaWorks from an "Execute-In-Place" 
ROM PCMCIA card. You may need to copy it back onto a RAM card in order to run the 
program. It is possible that it will not even work then. But, you are welcome to give 
it a try. Also, AlphaWorks does not have some of the capabilities of LotusWorks. You 
will notice this when as you inspect the screen menus.
Cordially Yours,

Ron W. Hardy
Compass Consulting Co.
775 South Sunset Drive
Cedar City, UT 84720
voice:	801-865-7000
cell:	801-559-8000
fax:	801-586-5248
email:	compass@xxxxxxxx
web:	http://www.tcd.net/~compass/

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