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  1. Ron W. Hardy, hello from new subscriber by compass@xxxxxxxx

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Ron W. Hardy, hello from new subscriber by compass@xxxxxxxx

From: compass@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Ron W. Hardy, hello from new subscriber
Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 18:19:06 -0600
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Hello All,
I am Ron W. Hardy, a computer consultant and Licensed Land Surveyor in Nevada and 
Utah. I have been programming and designing for about 25 years. I have had 5 or 6 
Poqet PCs over the years since they were first introduced. I bought one within a month 
of the time they were first displayed at Comdex. I was a Poqet VAR for several years. 
I found that I could touch type after a very short period, even on the smaller 
keyboard and even found that  I preferred the keybouard over larger ones because I 
could type one-handed with ease. I could reach from one side of the keyboard to the 
other with one hand. I love the long life of the batteries compared to other handheld 
computers. I hated the ribbon cable failures which were so common and destroyed the 
	After replacing the Poqets several times each, I moved on to another small 
computer, the Gateway2000 Handbook 486 with a 250 megabyte hard drive, which I 
replaced with a 520 megabyte harddisk. The Handbook lasted 3 years and then the screen 
failed, just like the Poqet. The Poqets only lasted from 6 months to one year before 
screen failure.
	I bought a couple of Poqets from California Digital in late 1995 to use as 
data collectors for my GPS and land survey instruments. I still had the floppy disk 
drive, serial cable, and parallel cable from my previous Poqets. My 2meg SRAM card had 
failed, so I bought one from Cal Digital with the new Poqets.
	I still own the PCMCIA cards with Lotus 123, AlphaWorks, and Lotus Agenda. I 
was disappointed that Agenda did not know about time. I ended up using AlphaWorks for 
everything. I later moved to LotusWorks, which is just AlphaWorks next version, on 
desktop computers. I still use LotusWorks to prototype database programs that I am 
asked to build commercially. It is quick, simple, useful, and has few of the 
limitations of MicrosoftWorks. I used a Kodak Diconix 150 Plus inkjet printer with a 
serial interface to the Poqet. The serial interfaceto the printer sometimes 
malfunctioned even with power management off. I usually had to just print out one or 
two pages at a time to prevent over-runof the kserial print buffers. The XON/XOFF and 
CTS/DTS did not seem to work. I just lived with it.
	I use a desktop 486 EISA 33 MHz computer which I bought in  1991 at Comdex.
	I designed and built an interface between the Poqet and a GPS (Geodetic 
Positioning System) card built by Magnavox in 1991-1992. The Poqet was used to 
communicate with the GPS card and act as a data collector for the GPS data.
	I also wrote a program which uses the Poqet as a data collector for Survey 
instruments called Total Stations, electronic instruments which are used in land 
surveying and construction to layout and locate property corners and land 
improvements. Several years ago, I wrote a land survey calsulations program which I 
sold to other land surveyors nationwide. I presented a talk on another land surveying 
program I had written at a convention in Washington DC in 1992.
	My most recent projects include database conversions-extraction software 
development and rental billing-invoicing-general ledger programs written on contract 
for various clients.
	After 25 years of computer hardware and software development, I have begun to 
earn my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science to supplement my experience.
	I am also a Professional Land Surveyor, registered to practice in Nevada and 
	I also hold licenses for drilling water wells and acting as a real estate 
agent in Utah.
	I have been a chemist, a metallurgist-specializing in precious metals 
(gold,silver,platinum group).
	I and my father own gold and silver mines, and an ore processing mill. I have 
been a certified blaster. It takes dynamite to get the gold out of 'them there hills'.

	If I can be of help to anyone, let me know.

Ron W. Hardy
Compass Consulting Co.
775 South Sunset Drive
Cedar City, UT 84720
voice:	801-865-7000
cell:	801-559-8000
fax:	801-586-5248
email:	compass@xxxxxxxx
web:	http://www.tcd.net/~compass/

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