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  1. New subscriber, PPP Link w Nettamer? by sharriso <sharriso@xxxxxxxx>

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New subscriber, PPP Link w Nettamer? by sharriso <sharriso@xxxxxxxx>

From: sharriso <sharriso@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: New subscriber, PPP Link w Nettamer?
Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 22:03:50 -0500
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Hello.  I'm a new subscriber to the list.  I've had my Poqet classic for
about 1 year, and use it for daily schedule, notes, and for telecomm on

I hook up an old 9600 bps Hayes modem to the serial cable to access my
internet service provider, Concentric Net, from almost any city to check
mail usine shell access and Procomm.

I saw on the Poqet Home Page that there is some software called Nettamer
that will enable some basic PPP access.  I have downloaded the XT
version of this and tried to connect to Concentric's PPP access, thus
far without success.  The modem successfully negotiates, but the screen
shows unintelligible characters and I can't get past the initial
connection.  Has anyone else worked out the script to successfully
accomplish this connection at Concentric Net using Nettamer on a Poqet

Steve Harrison

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