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  1. Re: Digest poqetpc.v001.n065 by C <santipu@xxxxxxxx>

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Re: Digest poqetpc.v001.n065 by C <santipu@xxxxxxxx>

From: C <santipu@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Digest poqetpc.v001.n065
Date: Vie, 07 Feb 97 00:35:35 +0100 (MET)
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The problem with getting programs to run on a Poqet is to find the
ORIGINAL (very early versions) of many popular programs. If you 
want a full fledged word processor that will run on the Poqet, try
WordPerfect 4.2.  Sans the Thesaurus and Spell Checker, it will 
fit very nicely in a 512K card with plenty of room to spare for 
data. I would strongly suggest, though, that you make an effort to 
get larger memory cards if you really want to take the machine to 
its fullest potential.  I have 2 2-MB cards, which are by now 
almost full with programs and data.

Two programs that I find very useful are the original versions of 
SuperKey and Sidekick (remember them?) which also work very nicely 
on the Poqet as TSRs. Sidekick has a pretty useful text editor 
which can handle files up to 45K.  My hands-down favorite program 
is v.1 of "Instant Recall", a PIM which I use for just about 
everything and which turns the Poqet into an absolutely fantastic 
productivity tool.  For a spreadsheet I use something called 
"2020", although I think that the original version of "123" or 
"Lucid" should work just fine too.  Many other programs also work 
fine, but I personally have not found uses for them.  Good luck 
finding the early versions, though.

I own three Poqets, and will probably buy a fourth in anticipation 
of the day the ones I have finally die of the usual causes: 
Cracked Hinge (one showing signs already), Broken Ribbon (two 
previous ones died of that) or just plain ol' accident.  I love my 
machines and log an average of about 2 hours/day on whichever one 
I am using during a particular period (I rotate them) since I have 
all my planning and control system on "Instant Recall" and now 
cannot live without the gizmo.  I can only hope that, when my 
Poqets are finally gone, there will be something decent to replace 
them with.  Is there some other machine that does the same as the 
Poquet?  I was looking at literature for the Cassiopeia a few days 
ago, but, since it has most everything in ROM, it will require me 
to adapt to what's available and the way it works rather than the 
other way around.  Also, I don't like to have just 10 hours of 
battery life.

Care to share any creative uses/applications for the machine 
and/or specific programs?

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